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I speak to a lot of you directly @ 121 chats. So you know that it’s a peaceful week for me. ‘Coming up for
air’ as you will…

Coming up for air… What?

Yup… And that brings me to today’s topic.

Enter: @fitbuzz/S-curve world terminology and phrases

We’ve built up quite the library of S-curve words and phrases over the years.

And we always have to remember not to abbreviate them in the newsletter, since new FitBuzzers always

come onto the scene.

We can’t be giving them WTF moments on day one now… Can we (WTF isn’t one of ‘our’ words… And I’m

sure you know what that abbreviation means. Hehe).


The best way to highlight most of the words and phrases that we use here, is to walk you through the ‘fixed’

18 month process.

Key phases are in italics, followed by a description.

Month #1

This is the foundation month. The most important month of all.

We WILL do it right… And it’ll set you up for the long term. The longer term is the ONLY way you’ll win.

We’ve proved it time and time again. And will keep on doing so.

It’s at this point, where you’ll either…

– Become S-curvish (Muscle building into a ‘soft lean’ frame, from a previous ‘skinnier’ frame)
– Or shred to smexy (A fat shred/less muscle loss focus, into a ‘soft lean’ frame)

21-28 days later = Noticeable results

This is a results phase (Where we go hard at it).

Month #2

results phase may continue on during this month. Usually if you started with a higher BF%. It can go into

month #3 as well.


Month #3

Is usually when a lifestyle phase kicks in. Because that’s what the S-curve experience is all about.

– Cheat snacking.
– Cheat snack TGIF nights.
– Travel-curvish shenanigans…

Those have now turned into less popular, but awesome ‘close to home’ bikini/hiking/camping destinations
that you can visit over a long week. The > current locations will remain. It’s just that we know you have to
plan for those).

– Enjoying time with family and friends.
– Just… Not so serious. We can be… Because the foundation month would have turned all of the important
things that you have to do, into ‘protocol habits’, that you do subconsciously.

Eating S-curvishly (The > protocol S-curve meal structure)

Coming up for air (This is when we take 1 hour out of our day and focus on one thing that relaxes our
mind from life’s stresses… Audio books, yoga, meditation, swimming…)
> TDE videos (Tailored Daily Exercise videos… They boost results and keep you on the fit wagon)
> Weekend nutrition focus (Where we do a complete refuel, to fix the nutrition hiccups from to the previous
week… And enter the new week at 100%).

The following 3-4 months

Will look like month #3 too. But at some point, you’ll reach the grind stage.

This is when results are harder to come by. And it’s when hissy fit management tactics will step to save

your butt @ 121 chat sessions.

It’s also when you might experience a negative change in results. Like a temporary shrunken butt. Which

happened to S-curve members > Pam and Alicia.

It will grow back better than ever though. So no worries, if it happens.

Month #7 and beyond

Will be some variation of all of the above. And at some point, you will reach 90-100% S-curvish.

But you would have done it and still enjoyed the experience. And will continue to do so for years to come.

That’s what the S-curve member stories are all about @ documenting your journey in a visual way.

– Working out less is an option
– Travel-curvish pics and videos will be the best ever (@ Instagram ready)
– Eating S-curvishly at restaurants and hotels around the world is where the S-curve meal structure will

live on. We’ll talk more about that, when you get there.

I’ve probably missed some words out. But that’s most of them.

And hopefully, that clears things up for you, if you’ve been reading these newsletters… Seeing certain

words and thinking… WTF!
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