One Health Truth Every Dieter Needs to Know

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Going on a diet and getting the physique you desire is both a challenge and great reward. The problem that many people find when they are dieting is their psychological state starts to shift. It isn’t always in a bad way (in fact, most of the time it is a good thing!), but it is definitely challenging for some to balance dieting and health with an enjoyable lifestyle.

Sometimes these turn into eating disorders even if most times they do not. In this article, we are going to talk about the one health truth that every dieter needs to know before getting too involved in their diet. As we will show, knowing some of these points can help increase the happiness and fulfilment from the diet.


The Hierarchy for Dieters

Even though most people do not realize this is the case, the number one priority is to stay healthy and fit for the length of your life. This longevity is something that most people forget about when they are hurriedly losing weight and reducing fat mass. Simply dieting hardcore for a few weeks and then losing the results are not helpful for your long term success.

The same can be said of nootropics. People who are trying to improve their brain power and memory through these smart drugs cannot simply take nootropil for one day and hope that it will be useful forever. Instead, we have to take nootropil over the course of many months to see small, incremental and long term changes. Slow and steady wins the race whether in the brain or body.

The hierarchy of wisdom for dieters is to take things slow and steady. Someone who fasts for a few days and loses a lot of weight isn’t necessarily doing something healthy for their body. Fasting can be great when it is controlled, but in this example the dieter is depriving themselves of nutrients and using an unsustainable method of losing weight.


Sustainability is Key

When starting any diet plan, whomever is engaging with the new regimen should practice a little exercise. Not a physical exercise, but a mental one in which you think about a version of yourself 20-30 years from now. When you have aged that far, what do you look like? What aspects of your life are you proud of?

Try to be as clear as possible with what you are looking out of life. It won’t be perfect as you have no idea what will change, but your physical stature and health will probably be similar to what you are looking for.

The point is to see the future version of yourself and empathize with their perspective. They do want you to be healthy now, in the short term, but they want you to create the habits that will last the test of time for many decades to come. Keep this in mind no matter what kind of diet and training regimen you begin!

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