On your weight loss journey, eating the same old foods is only going to bore you!

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Whether you’re trying to lose weight or just shape up, nutrition usually forms a huge part of this. They say that abs are made in the kitchen, and when combined with your exercise program, “they” would be correct. It’s so easy for us to stick to our tried and tested methods when things really start to go our way, but why not explore and get creative instead? When you get stuck in a rut and bored with your routine, you’re far more likely to break it. Here’s how you can still control what you put in your body, by making breaking the mold all part of your plan.

Learn more recipes

By far the most obvious solution here is to learn to be a more adventurous cook. Meal preparation boxes consisting of plain lean meats and roasted vegetables certainly do the trick in helping you reach your goals, but after a while, you stop looking forward to them.

Instead of looking to your next “cheat meal” like pizza or a burger, just make your regular meals more exciting. Once you know your stuff, you can keep the calories and carbs low if you need to, or indeed your protein high. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and really experiment. For example, vegan cuisine is actually incredibly good for your health, and can even be incorporated into a fitness-eating plan. 

Explore other cuisines

Maybe the issue here isn’t your cooking – perhaps it’s your imagination or your experiences (or lack thereof). Looking to other cultures is a great way of learning about some new healthy dishes that you could be enjoying that will be exciting to your senses.

For example, you could try out local Jamaican restaurants, known for delicious chicken dishes that are lean, full of protein and low in fat. And because of the spices that are used, you’ll be hard-pressed to feel bored. Or you could give Japanese places a go. Even if you don’t like sushi, the lack of dairy in their cuisine will give your body an easy ride. 


Eat with others

Eating in groups makes the whole experience more fun, and holds you more accountable. If you’re cooking one meal for you and another for your partner, your family or anyone else, you’re going to feel ostracized and different, in addition to craving what everyone else has.

If you’re serving up something that’s tasty enough regardless to be dished up to a group of people despite the fact that it’s super healthy, you’re doing something right. Eating healthily should never be a chore, and yet let’s face it – it sometimes is! Why not share your newfound recipes in a group setting? If you’ve made them interesting and fun, nobody can complain. Better still, why not consider hosting a “healthy” (yet tasty) dinner party or BBQ for you and your friends from the gym? Trying a range of different dishes will leave you feeling inspired, and you’ll still stay trim.

Eating healthy doesn’t need to feel like torture… so stop torturing yourself. 

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