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We all know what’s going on in S-curve world.

– Lifestyle
– Results
S-curve formula shenanigans

And all that good stuff. Which is great. I’m personally living it along side you. But let’s take a break today,

as a reminder of why we do this. Via some scenario examples.

Let’s go…

#1 For those morning mirror moments, when you get depressed looking at your flat butt, lack of upper butt, fat laterals, zero collar bone area definition and no S-curve shape.

#2 For those moments when you went on ‘past’ travel-curvish trips, took super fabulous photos. But ended

up deleting many, because the ‘then’ naked you, made you sick to your stomach.

#3 For those moments when you went clothes shopping, but couldn’t wear that dress, or those jeans.

You may have even bought them, with intentions of fitting into the outfits (A good motivation tactic by the

way). But that day never happened.

And instead, you had to sit back and watch it look ‘great’, when your daughter/niece/sister or friend tried it

on. Ouch.

Remember… The outfit isn’t always the problem. In some cases, you just need to buy the right outfit for

‘your’ body type.

One example I see often, is to not buy an outfit that’s designed for a woman with long legs/short torso.

When you have a long torso and short legs.

#4 For those moments when you really want to…

– Eat pizza with friends on random nights out.
– Drink on the beach with your ‘people’ on travel-curvish nights.
– Choose food on the restaurant menu, not think about the food for health reasons, and enjoy your damn


All of which you can do (In moderation) as you get closer to becoming 90-100% S-curvish.

#5 For the endless amount of ‘good looking’ selfies and belfies that you’ll take…

– In the gym
– In the bedroom
– In random restrooms when you’re out and about

Yea… It’s a female thing, I know. I just leave you to it, if I’m personally with S-curve members in person. Ha.


There are many moments in a 24 hour period, that’ll always remind you of why we do what we do here.

I haven’t covered all of them. But we’re all in this together. And I’m sure I’ve read many of your minds with

this post. Ha.

Oh… One more…

#6 For those moments when you constantly look in the mirror for signs of ageing. Which is probably the

biggest motivator of all. Because it’s hard to reverse ageing once the time has past.

Prevention baby… Prevention!

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