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Buzzers… Sunday…

That’s right. There’s nothing else to highlight on this last day of the week. As I’ve said everything that needed to be said @ this weeks shenanigans.

Just keep a look out for the last few uploads of this weekends TC2.0 stuff @ > this album. With that being said. Let’s RECAPO.


We had to remind ourselves about the > queen program that we created back in Jan 2017. Which is the best value long term program. If you like the idea of planning ahead.

And we kick started the week with some proper blueprint tips again.


We highlighted the fact that you’re probably stalling to start, for no good reason at all. And ways that we solve that problem within S-curve world today.

The blueprint tips continued on too.


We had a Q & A day. Highlighting an answer for the two most frequent questions by new arrivals.


We told the original back story on how we got to where we are today, last year. Which now sits on > More buzz. We continued on this year. But we broke it down year by year on this day.


This newsletter re-emphasised the ‘message’ within S-curve world. It’s pretty important, as a newsletter  reader. So give that a read.


You want and need to go long term, in order to succeed. But there’s a very high chance that you’ll quit and fail.

Here… We show you how members stopped failing. And how/why the number of members succeeding is going up.

It’s a new week tomorrow. All LIVE. So I’ll see you then, or in the DM’s.


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