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Buzzers… TGIF…

I didn’t even create an official page for it.

> Just a Paypal link

Why I’m mentioning this now?

Because… ‘Timing’

Let me explain…

#1 Experiment 3 is > the new stage 2… But every month (Ideally for 3-6 months)

#2 The reason why this would work great, from March onwards. Is because that’s what a lifestyle phase would look like.

lifestyle phase is when you’re following the S-curve formula. But not going so ‘hard at it’.

You’re just letting things work at a good pace. A sane pace.

Which means you’ll still ‘have a life’. Which means… You can live up the rest of the S-curve experience.

> Noted
> Noted again

> And again

Whilst the S-curve results gradually come.

We’re entering spring/summer now. Which means that you’re most likely going to be enjoying more trips and events.

So starting on this experiment #3 for the next 3-6 months, may be what you need for the bulk of 2018.

You can almost just set it an forget it @ payments. You won’t forget it though. Because you’ll be active on your member page regularly.

One of the best things you can do… Is message me directly. Almost everyone who starts, does. Unless it’s stage 1. That’s when folks ‘instant buy’… Because there’s little risk. Of course.

They soon realise that stage 1 is just the beginning though.

Anyway… By messaging me… You can get clarity on what it is you’re starting. A direct 121 convo with someone, so that you feel safe and secure in what you’re doing, at all times.

We’ll end the week with some blueprint tips tomorrow. Along with a report of any other shenanigans that happen ‘today’.


#1 Message first, reply second.
#2 > More buzz is where everything exists.
#3 Check out > Buzzcoin (As there is a lot of potential for interesting things to happen there, within
the coming months/years).

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