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So… Things are evolving a little around here. Here’s what’s going on…


The Facebook Messenger messages…

Will be a combination of highlights that go on throughout the week. And will consist of images (Because you all love images… Right? :D).

These are images that represent all parts of the S-curve experience.


– The S-curvish physiques

– OOTD/OOTN/Bikini attire

– Travel-curvish

– The T-shirts and merchandise (Look at the shop section on this page, along with the services section @ S-curve ‘specific’ supplements for guys and gals)

– S-curve member progress pics – We don’t focus on workout ‘content’ as much as we used to, as you’ll see on the website highlights. But they’re still important, for the work that we do on your S-curve member pages.

We’ll still post long form messages when necessary. But it’s more about…


– Informing you about new blog posts.

– And replying and talking to you (Keeping these messages, short-er in the process :D).


121 chats it’s what it’s all about!

Talking of website…

As of this week… We have returned to creating epic blog posts. It’s a little different to how this was being done 10 years ago. And even the website operates differently today. Due to all the new tech that has been created since then.

But the blog posts will be highlighted on these FB messages. You can view them in this archive.

Then you can digest them, over 1-3 days… Before the next message goes out. Because as you know… Messages go out, on Monday, Thursday and Saturday. Also… This…

That’s all the places where you can follow and enjoy the S-curve experience. You’ll see that on the side bar over on the right side of this page.

I think that’s all that needs to be said. So do all of that. And read those blog posts. Because they will indeed educate you. And will continue to do so, over time.

And reply to talk. Since I know you like to :D.

Oh… One more thing…


Becoming S-curvish (For men)

Yup… We’re an S-curve experience now. Which means… That in terms of

– Fixing your mind

– Mental game

– Nutrition

– Body…

We fix…

– Women

– Women and their boyfriends/husbands together

– Just the guys on their own

So all of you ‘guys’ who are replying to these messages. We’re here to help you, in whatever way we can.

Get heart felt on us. Share your issues (I’m a guy… So that’s easy for me to encourage YOU). And if you have none. Just enjoy everything that you see on here :).

If you do start to get help with anything. Then the first thing you need is a member page. Like this…


You can get this for free. By signing up on the two websites on this page…

> Buzzcoin

Or if you don’t care for the stuff we’re going to do with that in the present and future… Then you can just start a member page for $10. Via this link…

Get a quick start

You’ll get an update on day 1. And however we continue on… Will be driven forward by whatever we talk about inside these Messenger chats.


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