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That headline is real. And it’s the most important headline ever… When it comes down to why you’re here.

Yes… You’re now here for an ‘experience’.

But ultimately… You came here to find some kind of solution for a problem (Which is why you need to jump

on a 121 chat… Like I tell you to do so every damn day).

And I’m here to tell you…

That you are here, for a big breakthrough!


This @fitbuzz stat is what I’m talking about ‘ere…

**2016… The year where the most breakthroughs occurred (Which you saw ‘happen’)**

But still… We have FitBuzzers who follow. Find the courage to reach out about ‘starting’. But then struggle to

actually start.

There are emotional issues holding them (Possibly YOU) back.

So you need to get on a 121 FB Messenger chat. It’s the only way to truly help you. It’s a sad sight to see. But I ‘get it’. Because…

#1 I’ve had to go through many personal breakthroughs every year to get all of this @fitbuzz stuff to the stage

it’s currently at… @ Everything you can see on More buzz.

#2 I’ve been hands on with ALL of the S-curve member breakthroughs to-date! I didn’t hand members over

to some other person to do. ‘I’ dealt with everyone. Just scan the chat screenshots on the results pages.
It can take time for you to get to a mental place, to make breakthrough changes to your life. But… Remember
when I recently said that we’ve been speeding up the process to see physical results?

Well… We’ve been doing the same thing, with getting you to that ‘breakthrough point’ to officially start. Much


Because the S-curve experience (It must be called something) is all about an improved ‘feeling’.

The breakthrough shenanigans happen through the chats on FB Messenger. And there are many invisible ‘breakthrough triggers’ going on there, on my own profile. So add… Or just use Messenger ONLY… If you hate

the News feed, time wasting and stalking aspects of Facebook.

And you NEED to get to that ‘breakthrough point’ quicker. Because today is the youngest you’ll ever be… Ever again!!!

Which leads me to…


You know… Travel-curvish isn’t just about experiencing great destinations. That’s all lifestyle stuff.

It’s also about fixing the personal stuff (Like the beginning stages of the S-curve process highlighted this week).

You see… We are all busy. And the Travel-curvish trips provide a solid ‘come up for air’ moment. And the

benefits from doing so… For the professional and personal YOU are…

– Get a new perspective on things going on in your life – Move to a new country for a ‘lengthy’ period of time, to get a ‘super’ new perspective. Which is what I’ve done a few times.

– A recharge – You get to analyse all of the things that was going on in your life, whilst you was busy putting
out fires. You can go back to your daily life, knowing who or what put fuel on those fires. And easily stay away
from them.

– Go back to old interests that you had (I’d love to be a gamer again) – Or use the time to find new ones.

A Travel-curvish trip is perfect for this of course.

We take care of our own…

There are FitBuzzers who have been here for 5+ years.


That might be you. But that has happened, because we have always taken care of our own.

Which has now progressed into the S-curve member stories, that go back several years! (We’re aiming for

10-15 year stories).

It’s also the reason why we have stage 4 now. Which is mostly for advanced members. Who need to return

for a refresh.

But the fact is… You are never forgotten about. Regardless of what happens along the way. OK.

And remember… Your long term plan isn’t static. And it’s far from just physical. So some months might only consist of mental coaching moments and daily life fixes.

Because if that’s not solid… You can’t push forward anyway.

Everything I referred to above, can be found on > More buzz. So go there.


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