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Buzzers… Wednesday…

Once again… Just another ordinary day in S-curve world yesterday. But there’s always enough going on… To trigger the launch of a brand new newsletter, for the following day. So let’s get into it…

Your mindset

That’s ultimately what we’re fixing here. Because you know about the working out and food shenanigans

that must happen, in order to succeed.

But yet… You’re still failing.

I know you are… Because you’re reading these newsletters. And you’re reading… Because you need and

want a constant mindset fix.

That’s usually the reason why people become members. The results are just a bonus.

Talking of results though…

It truly is more than just the butt on here ‘today’. And becoming an S-curve experience… Is also helping you fix your mindset.

– TC2.0
– Trying out different foods from around the world
– Meeting different types of people

All of these things take you to new places. And give you different feelings. That’s why becoming an

‘experience’ is so important.

Because what you’re really looking for when you consume any of the daily content here… Is a ‘happiness


A constant and consistent reassurance… That’ll keep you feeling good and on the right path.

Like… You might have had a shi*ty day with some shi*ty people. Or a shi*ty day with awesome people, who are just ‘acting up’ on the day.

That’s a feeling that will make you want to quit and run away from things.

But at some point in the day… You will…

– Open this newsletter
– FB story
– > Instagram post

And you’ll instantly feel uplifted again.

You probably have a lot of stuff going on in your life. So if you become a member. Do it…

– To take some of the ‘weight of life’ off your plate.

– For the constant and consistent happiness drug. With the strongest strain available, via the 121 FB

messenger coaching chats.

Trending in S-curve world today?

> The > romper for summer

– Got > salsa moves?

–  Are you a > pretty faced beast?

> Voice commandments (‘Think’ that room above @ dancing to Salsa)

Blueprint tips 

You already know… FB stories. Go there. Because we need to ‘bond’ via the inbox… To truly help you.

One thing I will say though…

If you failing year in, year out @ desired results. The main reason… Is because you’re not ‘going at it’ hard enough.

– Food
– Workouts

Or whatever.

YOUR perception of ‘hard at it’, is mediocre. And usually… It takes working with someone who became

S-curvish (From the levels you’re currently at) for you to realise that.

That’s why the foundation month is so important. Because then you get to ‘feel’ what causes the success

you see so many others achieving.


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