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Buzzers… TGIF…

It’s Friday. And in S-curve world. That means it’s time to embrace a cheat ‘night’ (If you want to).

It’s going to be a weekend of World Cup and TC2.0 planning for me. But let’s dig into today’s headline.

NEW: One month butt plan x 12 

And NOT… 12 months of ONE butt plan

This applies to everyone that’s living in this current digital age. Especially the new young generation.

Because today… We’re all consuming things fast-er. And pretty much forgetting about those things, not too long after.

But some things in life, will still take work…

– Real relationships (Romantic, friendship or business).

– Learning a skill at pro level.

We’re not at > this level of learning… Yet :D. But we might not be too far off @ AI shenanigans.

– And starting in S-curve world @ Becoming S-curvish and succeeding…

The solution to the long process of getting results. Is to live out the ‘now’ S-curve experience. Where the whole process is structured into your daily life.

That way… You’re just using the S-curve formula, naturally.

And at some point over time. You’ll look in the mirror and notice that you look near perfect. I know… Because that’s what happened to me in the past 1-2 years.

I didn’t focus on one specific thing at all. I just lived out the S-curve experience shenanigans (As you can now see in my LIVE FB stories).

And in recent months… I’ve looked ‘near perfect’ on most body parts (I always need to focus on legs though, since it’s the hardest body part to build on ME).

A few of the ingredients of that formula include:

– Short split routines.
– Cheat snacks (You’ll definitely know me for this, if you have me added on FB).
– Eating the main S-curve meals everyday, without fail.

This is the big benefit of having the Lifestyle Phase in place.

+ Pay as you go
+ The lite version of a Lifestyle Phase @ $75 a month (Set it and forget it vibes)
+ One month butt plan x 12

= Winning, in today’s current climate.

One month butt plan x 12?

We basically take long term goal. And split it into a lot of one month goals… That we analyse just once a month.

It’s what I said yesterday @ pressures off. It’s all about that vibe. And like I said… The way that we’re approaching ‘Becoming S-curvish’… Is changing/Has already changed.

Every year, I have a prediction of what the next 12 months will look like.

And the prediction in recent times?

#1 Becoming more of an ‘experience’, than just a program that fixes your body (Happened… It’s what a lot of people in S-curve universe is doing).

Everyone is realising that in S-curve world…. It starts with the bodies. But it continues on, elsewhere (The pre-headline on More buzz or just scan the Pinterest feed).

#2 Blockchain now becoming a reality (Just look at all the ads floating around… And Facebook lifting the ban on that industry recently).

One step ahead of you all… Always.

Trending in S-curve world today?

– TC2.0 breakfast and lunch moments look like… (See the latest posts on > @fitbuzz and @shauntls).

– The > Bluetooth speaker… Because of all the recent poolside posts.

Blueprint tips 

The same as yesterday. But instead… Watch my FB stories and reply to one of them.

We’ll talk about that story post first (It’s going to be about something funky)… Before giving you some blueprint tips that are specific to YOU.


#1 Message first, reply second (FB Messenger/Tumblr/Instagram)
#2 > More buzz is where everything exists.
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