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Never is not an option!

Buzzers… Monday…


We announced > experiment #2 over the weekend.

Which kinda coincides with today’s newsletter. And if that experiment resonates with you. You should have no problems starting, if your trust factor on here, is high enough (Usually after reading a gazillion newsletters over a number of months or years).


You know… In today’s world. There really is no excuse to not having what you want. As there’s opportunities all around us.

But there is a time limit on the opportunity to take advantage of them though.

– That one program that could create change in your life, is currently at a lower price. Or the creator that you’re watching, is still a part of it.

– New potential stocks and investments.

– Fixing parts of your fitness/health. As there currently is no anti-ageing pill in existence (More about that soon though).

This happened with stage 3 over on More buzz.

Stage 3 has improved over time. But the core of stage 3 (121 coaching and member page), is mostly the same.

And > Yani… Along a few others back in 2015… Got in when stage 3 was $66 a month.

Most of them won @ results like she did. Any many more have won since then too.

But the fact is… They got in early. When the opportunity was at it’s best deal. Which is LIVE proof in S-curve world… That you should not leave opportunities waiting in the wind, until never is not an option.

What about the losers though?

I recently joined in on a team, that is doing amazing things for the finance world. And they showcase a lot of their wins with their product/service.

And some of their twitter followers were complaining about not showing their ‘loser stats’.

In ‘that camps’ it’s scenario. You have to pay to see the losers.

But in S-curve world. I’ll just tell you. I won’t show you all the individuals, as some are a work in progress + privacy for them. But I will show you one. Since I worked very closely with her.

> This lady

She was losing… Then she won. And then she started losing again.

She was losing… Because she was doing everything wrong (In other areas of her life too). Which lead to inevitable fat gain. And didn’t start winning until she got real help from solid sources.

The winning

You will start winning quickly, if you’re coming from a situation like that. But the real issue, of not taking action earlier, may start to show, as you exit the noticeable results stage.

– Saggy skin
– Results now taking a lot longer than usual (It takes longer than usual anyway @ ouch)

Losing again

This is what will happen, if you don’t stick to long term help at this stage. Because it really is that hard to keep going.

You need the long term, to help boost your mental strength. Because you will have a lot of hissy fits. Some, due to impatience.

And on top of that, you’ll start to revert to your old ways. That’s like the lady from > yesterday’s newsletter.

She was literally one ‘yes’ away from never being the ‘fat girl’, ever again.

But the opportunity got thrown away.

Will there be new opportunities? And can you start that opportunity again?

In her case… Yes.

But the dynamics of the situation will always change.

– Maybe you’re busier this time around.

– Maybe you have more challenges in front of you.

– Your motivation and excitement levels may have died off (This is a big one)

That last one

Think about that special love that you once had in your life in the past.

Maybe you broke up, due to some BS situation.

But the love that was felt… The wonderful times you spent together… Was so strong. That you decided to get back together.

But as you did so… You both quickly realised that things weren’t the same. The magic had disappeared. So it ended.


The best time for any present opportunity is always NOW.

That’s a rule for all of us.

Don’t leave things until never is not an option!

#1 Message first, reply second.
#2 > More buzz is where everything exists.
#3 Check out > Buzzcoin (As there is a lot of potential for interesting things to happen there, within
the coming months/years).

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