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That headline above…
Is self explanatory. And is inspired by > yesterday’s newsletter.

I won’t tell you the stuff that gets done in the tweak weeks module routine, to fix, shape, protect and

‘perky up’ your boobs as you become S-curvish/shred-curvish.

But I will tell you what to avoid and what else to do, to give you the physique described in that headline


You’ll do the following for a 4-6 week period…

#1 You’ll focus on lower ab exercises ONLY.

> Hanging half leg raises
> Laying single leg, leg kicks

Isolation is the name of the game here. So once again… ‘Specific’ is the key.

#2 No flyes.

#3 No woodchoppers.

#4 No wide grip pull ups.

#5 Less or zero HIIT cardio.

Mostly because we can’t control the order of where fat falls off. It falls off your body, in the same way that

an onion shreds layers. And boobs are mostly fat. So…

#6 You’ll do upper butt focused exercises only…

> Hyper extended standing (dumbbell held at chest with two hands) lunges
> High kneeling leg lifts
> Feet raised quadruped hip extension with ankle weights on

That’s it. That’s the start.

Everything that you’re ever shown on here, to trigger a fix in your physique, will help you for a 4-6

week period.

After that… It’s all long term. Which you know.

It has to be. Because that’s why a > hall of fame even exists. With the best ‘overall results’ coming in last


It’s just the S-curve formula doing it’s magic.

You’ll see all of the to-do exercises above, via the @fitbuzz YouTube channel via More buzz. But more

specifically, via the main S-curve program on > stages 2-4.


Everyone’s body reacts differently to the S-curve process. Not entirely. But I’ve seen enough reactions

to know, that the changes are different, based on natural body types and other factors.

So as usual… It’ll be the 121 chats and live update member page updates that’ll save the day.

Especially since this is grind stage stuff. When results are harder to come by. And where hissy fits are

thrown around more often, due the body parts that change @ negatively.

Like the butt shrinkage that happens during the shred-curvish process. See Pam on that stages page

link above.
Travel-curvish summer 2017
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a clear picture of what it’s all about @ ‘end’ goals.
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