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Buzzers… Sunday…The newsletter is LIVE and direct. So today, I’m going to share a chat that I had with a long term FitBuzzer.


She has friends who are doing loads of fitness and nutrition stuff. Following stuff like intermittent fasting, buying black rice, brown rice and other good A-rated foods and the like…

But… That’s all useless if you can’t turn that list of ‘to-do-list’ ingredients, into results. The ‘what to do’ with the ‘how to do’.

A lot of ah-ha moment S-curve formula stuff was discussed. But the following, is the last few things I said to her, that should always be at the forefront of her mind, if solid results are on the agenda…


#1 Choose an individual/company who has helped a lot of people get the results you’re

looking for (That you have got to know and trust).

#2 How to stop you from > quitting.

#3 What to do over the long term.

And that’s what I’m saying to YOU today too! That’s the final 3 important messages I’d leave with ANY person that I speak to.

Now let’s RECAPO



We simply highlight how we’re moving forward going into 2018. So you should probably give that a read, if you’re considering to live it up @ S-curve experience.


We highlight the fact that there are indeed different scenarios/outcomes @ what YOUR long term plan will look like.

We also highlighted the fact that time is running out on this years > fall season prep. Which is what we would cover @ what I talked about at the start of today’s newsletter.


We break down the scenarios mentioned in Tuesdays newsletter. They all unofficially happened @ 2017 members. So… We made it official by highlighting them in the newsletter.


Looking forward… You see how I said that solving the issue of ‘quitting’, is a problem, at the start of this newsletter?

Well… Thursdays newsletter highlights some of the ways that we solve the issue. I also break down some issues regarding the situations that will arise, on your journey to getting results.


This was all about Travel-curvish 2.0 destinations. That’s now a favorite starter list for ‘me’. Which we’ll expand on soon. Just like this years S-curve member page food lists.


There’s blueprint tips listed throughout all of this weeks newsletters. But on this day… We highlighted the fact that you are indeed ‘human’.

You get treated like that 100%. We just use robots and tech to get the messages across to you.

Tomorrow… New week…

Message first. Reply second. And > More buzz for everything else.


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