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Buzzers… Sunday…

It’s been a busy week. And we’ve covered a lot of stuff.

It’s an online and offline world… Integrated into one.

So of course… We’ll RECAPO shortly. But before we do… Let me just remind you, that everything we do here… Is about creating a better version of your current day life.

Because I consistently get to see how peoples lives improve, when they start as FitBuzzers or members!

Anything that helps the world in some way… Needs to be spread further out into the world. Which

was one reason why I ended up moving to the Asian region of the world. So that I can see things
first hand (There was a lot of digital activity from there at first).

It starts with thie bodies.

But as new people begin to subscribe and consume the daily content. They realise that it just starts there. And continues… Into much deeper and important subject matters.

For some members. They want to get into creating a business that’s set up, in the way that @fitbuzz is set up. Because it allows them to truly live the S-curve experience life.

I’m living that life. And I’ve started to show it via Facebook stories. So make sure you add or follow me on there. Not just the page. Because the page content, is a lot more static.

And like I said yesterday… It’s all about LIVE now. It really is.

Trending on a Sunday?

Yup… It’s S-curve world shenanigans… Everyday!

– > The medicine ball (See the daily @fitbuzz social media video today)

– > Feeling fat?

– > Camo booty shorts via long time associate… Dalma.

> RECAPO time…


– Started to bring the More buzz trending section, into the actual newsletter.
– Blueprint tips.


– Brought back an old, new feature, into the S-curve formula.
– Blueprint tips


– Just have ‘fun’.
– You have a story to tell.


– Just quit.


– Me… Re-Living 2017’s S-curve experience shenanigans.
– Blueprint tips


– We’re going LIVE to the max.
– One blueprint tip.


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#2 > More buzz is where everything exists.
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