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Buzzers… Saturday…

It’s coming to the end of a very active ‘becoming S-curvish’ month @ new and returning members.

And the vibe is a lot more relaxed now… Now that we’re embracing the > Pay-as-you-go.

Which is better for our ‘communicating relationship’, as we enter the rest of the S-curve experience.

– Talking on family issues
– Romantic relationships
– Career aspirations
– TC2.0 shenanigans (More on this in a sec)

There’s 2 phases @ Lifestyle/Results (You’ll be on one or the other at any given time). But there’s only 1 S-curve formula. The only thing that determines the price you start or continue at, is the intensity level.


This weekend…

It’s a long weekend. And even though I’m going to be relaxing AND active in S-curve world… YOU… Should indeed take a TC2.0 trip. A big long one @ 4-5 days. Which means you might already be on one as you read this.

You can go wherever the fudge you want. And there’s plenty of global examples, if you browse the @fitbuzz Instagram (The easiest place to browse them).

Just remember to follow these TC2.0 rules…

– 2-4 hours away from your home location.

– Super duper, yet less popular destinations (Important)

– Less technology (Or just no wifi present) for at least 6 consecutive hours of the day.

– 3-4 days away.

If you’re active as a member… Then the ‘life fix’ that you get there… Should enable you to take 2 (Or more) of these trips every month.

I done > this trip in 36 hours. So I KNOW you can have a lot of fun with TC2.0.

Your happiness levels will get a mighty boost because of it for sure.

If you aren’t doing anything like that this weekend. And aren’t busy with anything else. Then hit the 121 chats. I’ll be there.


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