Muscle building from Fat, Muscle building from Bone

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Like most great things that are achieved…it will take time, hard work and perseverance (cliche i know! but still relevant). Building muscle, getting toned, ripped, cut or what ever you want to call it can be a thrilling, fulfilling and rewarding experience. And this applies to all types of people, Thin boned or Big boned! But the mistake i see people make is that they approach the cause in the same way. To get desired results you need to determine which body type you are first (Just look in the mirror, or down at your feet :|) and then build your workout routine around that body type. Below i will describe how you can achieve results for both body types.

Big boned

building a lean body

The most common ‘wrong approach’ to building muscle comes from people of this body type, especially guys. As mentioned in a previous post (Confidence), most people probably do workout to get results and then show off there newly chiseled bodies off to attract the opposite sex, and again…why not. It will boost your confidence which will increase your ability to build muscle . But big boned people tend to want to build muscle over the fat that they currently have. This will not work! What one has to do is:

1) Lose that unwanted fat FIRST

2) Get toned

3) Build muscle from your newly toned body

This makes perfect sense to most people. But the reality is, that people (mainly guys again – sorry gents!) will have excuses for not doing so, usually stemming from being scared of change or other personal attributes. The common things are.

1) I want results quickly (summers’ around the corner)

2) I’m not really fat, but i do want to get in shape.

I’m not really fat, but i like my current size.

I don’t want to look like a skinny guy.

The last statement is the most common. And it mainly comes from younger or inexperienced people. It is understandable for sure, and even though they know they may lose there current look for only a short period of time, it is still enough time to allow confidence levels to fall. And those thought processes are probably what leads to the ‘wrong approach’ mind set.

So remember:


Thin boned


Ok…you body types will have things a little easier than your Big boned counterparts. I should know, i started off this way! The problem here is completely reversed. Thin boned body type individuals tend to be slim, not because they don’t eat a lot of food (quite the opposite actually). It’s because they have a very high metabolism. This is both a gift and a curse because:

1) You can eat like a pig and care less about calories

2) Your wardrobe will be pretty consistent through out most of your life

3) But you can’t put on weight naturally and instead of worrying about calorie in-take you worry about staying off of that treadmill (Maintain)

What these body types need to do is structure their workout routines and daily meal schedules so that there workouts are as affective as can be (Muscle mass + Cardio). The key benefit of being this body type is that you are either already ‘ripped’, or you can get ‘ripped’ in a matter of weeks rather than months. But it will take months to build and maintain that muscle mass for sure. That is the hard part!

So remember:


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