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Buzzo’s…The weekend is here…

The beginning of March is over already :|. And for this weekend… I’m following the S-curve rules by ‘coming up for air’.

Not for 2 hours, as the norm. But for an attire weekend. Which is one of the reasons why you take a TC2.0 weekend. To do just that.

And if you’re ambitious… You’ll fit > this into your calendar @ the title.

More new buzz says… Hi

There’s a few new things happening behind the scenes right now. All of which will appear on More buzz at some point this year.

But let me take a minute to explain the existence of More buzz (Link at the end of every newsletter).

So… When we first started all of this, back in 2009. There was one blog and 1 ebook.

But over time… As we started to figure out our message. We ended up adding more things, that became popular with YOU.

And… More things that truly help you whilst you’re here… Living all of this up.

We needed one simple place to list all of this stuff. So… We created More buzz. Nothing fancy. Just one page that explains everything that exists.

I know ‘simple’ works. Because everyone that I meet ‘gets it’ instantly… The moment they load up More buzz from Instagram (Which is like the new business card).

Which again… Is where you’re advised to go at the end of each newsletter. As that’s also the page where you’ll see what the fudge is going on everyday (Fudge is our ‘F word’). Without having to check all of our social media profiles @ daily updates section.

So once again… Some new stuff is being tested out behind the scenes.

#1 One is a supplement (kinda)… As we always like to introduce innovative things into our world, that relate to our lifestyle here (Especially the ‘having fun’ part of it).

We built a good relationship with one at the end of last year. Which resulted in > this being posted on at the end of 2017.

It is a ‘higher end’ supplement as usual (As the quality is almost always higher). And the keyword is ‘test’… When adding these things into our S-curve meal structure. Which means… Buying a small amount to start with, is what ‘smart money’ would do (More on ‘starting small’ in a sec). Even though you know it made the ‘rare to be posted’ list.

#2 The other thing is related to Buzzcoin (below). But that’s still early days.

What is happening in regards to Buzzcoin though… Is that, what does get introduced… Should help you stay on

the wagon as an active member (With less 121 coaching needed). And improve your motivation levels.

What’s popular right now?

> The new stage 1.

Yup… That’s the most popular program right now. And not because it’s the cheapest option around.

The reason why… Is because the value that’s been added… Allows you to see more success on your own… Without risking too much financially (‘Starting small’). Especially if we haven’t built up a trustful relationship yet.

Which then makes it easier to decide if you want to go long term on stage 3.

The keyword here is ‘comfortable’. YOU… Should always feel comfortable in any situation.

Think about romantic relationships.

As a woman… You might have really liked a guy that you was talking with.

But you still held back somewhat. You let him earn some trust first, before anything else happened beyond just ‘talking’.

So… That’s what it is. And stage 1 is STILL where all past stage 3 members started. It’s just now been improved.

‘Come up for air’ blueprint tips

– Switch off your phone for at least 6 hours when you’re awake and active.

– A location > like this is on the mind @ where you would be, during those 6 hours.

I’ll see you in chats, or tomorrow’s RECAPO.


#1 Message first, reply second.
#2 > More buzz is where everything exists.
#3 Check out > Buzzcoin (As there is a lot of potential for interesting things to happen there, within
the coming months/years).

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