More butts (Pun intended) + She said stop, no and won’t…Yet

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Buzzers… Sunday…
It’s been a weekend of relaxing + movies & TV shows for me. However… It’s newsletter time. So let’s get into it…

More butts (Pun intended)

The only reason why you don’t become a member. When you know you need to. Usually comes down to a ‘but’…

But… I have more questions.
But…. Will it work for me?
But… I’ve tried and failed before (Everyone says this… But they really haven’t)

Some people are aware of this fact though.

Like right now. There are a lot of stubborn people. Or people with too much pride. That are messaging me (Or the FB page) nearly everyday.They clearly want to be members. But they are simply saying ”No. Not today. But I will one day soon”.

It’s also what happens when a lady likes a guy.

She stays in constant contact. Because deep down. She knows she wants. But is actually putting him in different situations everyday. To test if he’s worth it.

And so she should (If she knows she’s a catch herself).

However… In today’s scenario of becoming a member. The power is in your hands.

Because YOU win, way more than we do… By becoming a member.

– 24/7/365 unlimited 121 coaching chats @ someone in your corner at all times
– And unlimited everything else (As long as you’re active on monthly payments)

Fortunately… I’ve seen success play out, too many times to count already. And fortunately.. The newsletter is a part of a solution for that. Because it motivates and educates.

And because of all this experience. I naturally have an ever growing list. Of benefits that are available to you. Just by becoming a member.

It feeds the habit of ‘changing things up’. Which is not a common habit. Because most people don’t like change.

But it’s necessary if you want to see growth. Not just with your body and mind. But in life, in general.


Sundays are always a good day to recap, recoup and talk about some thing’s, that we tend to skip during the week.

You know… Topics that usually get raised, over nice 121 chat over a meal/drink, at a restaurant or bar.

And > this is the link where you can look back at the past weeks shenanigans.

What’s trending in S-curve world today?

– Umm… The > #bunlife tools, for selfies and belfies

– The > 2nd part of the S-curve experience 

– > Hungry babies

– > Becoming S-curvish for the dress

S-curve formula program of the moment: The > interval phase


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