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Buzzers… TGIF…

It’s a Travel-curvish 2.0 weekend for me. And I’m writing this from the bus (Now at the private beach @ LIVE), to a location that’s only 2 hours away from my home location.

As are many other FitBuzzers that have entered our world this year, for this weekend.

Just add on the FB profile that you see at the end of each newsletter. Pics/vids are now uploading there as you’re reading this.

Today’s headline

We all know about the S-curve experience goals.

But one other reason you’re here, other than becoming S-curvish @ a 100% success rate. Is to do it whilst laying on your back.


– You don’t need to bust your back in a gym 1-2 hours every day

> This years short splits routine @ the highest level of laziness + successful physical results.

– You don’t need to eat strict A-rated foods 24/7

> Enter: A-C rated, cheat snacking, TGIF cheat nights, the > restaurant moments.

You don’t even need the gym 24/7

> Always on the move? Just whip out your phone and stream an S-curve bodyweight circuit (2-10 minute vid) or TDE video (1-3 minute vid), from ANYWHERE!

You don’t even need to get to 100% S-curvish ‘quickly’

Yup… Just get to 60%. And then live S-curvishly… Getting to 90-100% gradually.

With the way the world is moving… We all want and need be more productive than ever.

Our lives need to be made easier.

– Travel with your business or work
– Order a taxi with an app
– Book anything via an app or website
– Order any product or meal to your door step

The world did not look like this, not too long ago. And AI is definitely in our future.

I saw this coming… As a person who has always been involved in the tech world. Which I told people

around me, back in 2005.
So… To put your mind at ease @ becoming a long term member.

You’re hearing it directly from me….

It’s all about getting you to your goals, in the most laziest and productive ways possible.

Whenever you ask… ‘How are these fellow @fitbuzz ladies achieving’ @ > S-curve member stories.

My answer should always be met with a… ‘Thats it’? …Response from YOU.

Because then I KNOW you need to become a member, so that we can open up your world. So get ready to start living S-curvishly, the way that many are already doing.

What we talk about in replies and messages ends up here on the newsletter. So do that. And > More buzz for everything else.


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