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Buzzers… Merry Christmas… (Good vibe Monday… If you don’t celebrate it)
Yup… That’s the first headline all year… That didn’t try to trigger your emotions. Ha (devil face emoji goes here).


The vibes are truly in the air now. And maybe I was wrong, about the build to Christmas, being better than the actual day itself.

So let’s have our first ever Crimbo day newsletter. Since we’re officially LIVE and in the moment @ how we do things in our current day shenanigans.

#1 Munch your face off… And if you take foodporn pics… Send them across.

#2 This is the only time of the year where we can truly > ‘come up for air’ Not even TC2.0 beats the Christmas week ‘chill’ zone.

So use this time, to fully embrace the planning shenanigans that I’ve talked about for the past 2 weeks!

I can guarantee, that you’ll have an improved year (In some part of your life) because of it.

And the biggest tip of all… Is to…

**Accept the embracing of ‘change’ @ everything in life.**

Don’t let yourself become ‘old’. Which leads to a bitter and moany ‘YOU’.

I remember in 2005 when Paypal and eBay were causing a ruckus. Everyone around ‘me’, who saw me running an e-commerce shop was scared.

But now look… Paypal is the only option you currently trust 100%, when starting stages 1-4 on > More buzz.

#3 Movies? You already know that I love them. They’re almost a part of the S-curve experience, especially if you’re connected to ME on FB.

So ya… Now is a great time of the year to catch up on what you may have missed.

#4 Of course… Embrace the people you’re around. The best way ‘you’ know how.

#5 Gifts… It really is the thought that counts (I’ve always been horrible at receiving gifts though). I’m a ‘giver’.

Enjoy the day and week already @ the shortest newsletter of the year.

There’s an ‘announcement type’ of newsletter coming tomorrow. So keep ya eyes peeled. As it relates to some new things that’ll probably happen next year. Part of which, is not known at all. But… It will begin to happen for sure (Let’s see if I predict the future correctly for a 3rd year in a row :P).

And it will indeed become a part of different areas of the now, S-curve experience.

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