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Buzzers… Tuesday…

It was a busy start to the week yesterday. As it is with every Monday. A ‘busyness’… Which was of course

heightened, due to my home country playing in the World Cup. Along with Sweden and South Korea (Many

S-curve experience folks have come from those countries in the past 10 years).

But one thing I do get see every single day. Is (A lot of) people living out the Becoming S-curvish and Improved

daily lifestyle, part of the S-curve experience.

Because I’m surrounded by buildings that are rich in amenities.

And yesterday… It was all about the swimming pool shenanigans @ Becoming S-curvish and showing it off.

Which is a huge motivator for not falling off the wagon. Which means… YOU too, should find an activity

outside of the workouts. That encourages you to indirectly flaunt your ‘Becoming S-curvish’ physique.

All of which… Is related @ today’s headline…

Meet your new LIVE virtual training partner

A couple of years back… We launched a test version of a ‘super’ Results Phase.

Just… > Read this.

And today… We’re playing around a lot more with that LIVE feature.


– Because LIVE video is now a lot more commonly used.

– Because I personally have more training sessions with ladies (Some guys too) than ever before.

They’re not FitBuzzers, or S-curve members. They’re just people who know who I am. And train in the same

gym as me (Some S-curve members do come from there though). As well as living in the same hub. Which is a set of condo blocks > just outside of the main business district of the city. Where everyone uses all the amenities of each condo block.

So… It’s all about bringing that experience to you. The international FitBuzzer/S-curve member (I’ll do meet ups whenever possible).

It’s pretty simple now. Since everyone already streams videos via data. And there’s almost always a wifi spot


So you would simply load up a video call with me via Facebook Messenger, during your session. Put yourself on record whilst working out. And have me in your ear, as you do your workout.

The reason why this works better than all other static parts of the LIVE update member page. Is because going LIVE, creates an experience.

We all remember and cherish experiences a lot more.

Yes… That already happens. But it’s a much deeper connection, with LIVE video (Or audio. Like the first

> S-curve member podcast. Which I’ll bring back soon).

So… It doesn’t matter what ‘stage of member’ you are.

If you’re active and want to do a LIVE training partner session. It’ll happen.

There is no extra cost. It’s just something we’ll do, as a part of your 4-6 week monthly/or pay as you go Lifestyle or Results phase. You can do them an unlimited amount of times too :).

Almost everyone starts at $150-$300… By messaging first on Messenger. So do that.

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> Maldives

Some blueprint tips#1

 Go food shopping this week. And look for the most nutrient dense variation of your favorite food type(s). This will help you to eat S-curvishly. Without having to think about eating S-curvishly.

#2 Again… Go and get your ‘every 6 months’ dentist check up. As you probably have old food stuck in-between your teeth, without even realising that it’s there (Yack).


#1 Message first, reply second (FB Messenger/Tumblr/Instagram)
#2 > More buzz is where everything exists.
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