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Part 2/3 of 4 of the S-curve Xperience @iamraewilson
Part 2/3 of 4 of the S-curve Xperience @iamraewilson
 It’s been a while since we’ve done any S-curve world blueprint tips. So let’s dig into some @ the above situation…


If you’ve been following for the bulk of our 10 year existence. You’ll notice that over time… We’ve continuously made things simple and easy.
Like… There’s no more nutrition calculator.
There’s no more in depth workout info. And just short videos to follow.
And more recently… No more info heavy newsletters. 
We just have Insta mini blog posts and newsletters… That explain what life should look like. During that day/time of the week.
This is done on purpose. To kill the over thinking that people do. In regards to getting results.
Because it really does only take simple actions to start achieving.
Things may get more info heavy. The deeper you get into each part of the S-curve Xperience.
But that’s OK. Because you’re learning in bit sized chunks. Over time.
 Remaining soft lean (You too guys) + keeping ya real boobs because of that.
It’s not a bad thing to get implants. But after dealing with S-curve members who already had them in place, before becoming so. It’s safe to say, that you better get a good surgeon.
 We don’t do workouts on #Travel-curvish 2.0 trips. Mostly because it’s proven impossible to get motivated to do so. 
 However… Yoga is a ‘thing’ though…
Travel-curvish 2.0 items… Solar powered power bank, Bluetooth speaker, waist pack… You’ll find more on our new Items/Amazon page.
 You embrace some level of S-curve membership. Because that’s where the S-curve formula lives… In all it’s entirety.
 The formula which solves most of the problems that you face.
️ You Become a member…. You do a 1-3 month plan. And then similar periods over time. That’s how we live a super wonderful S-curve Xperience. 
 We like hitting roof top bars and restaurants during the week @ inner city life. And it’s a great way to ‘come up for air’.  Especially in warmer climates/Summer months.
️ But that Xperience is topped… When doing the same thing on Travel-curvish 2.0 trips.
And it’s what we look forward to, when going through the S-curvish formula @ results goals.
 Because we now get to eat/drink whatever the fudge we want (Fudge is our word for fcuk). Because we can @ life @ 90-100% S-curvish.
Just… Enjoying our shit… Without over thinking anything.
 And when at restaurants. Often times… Stealing the ingredients from the menu meals. To then re-create a variation of whatever that is, back at home.
 ‘Food’ shenanigans will always remain a more interesting part of Becoming S-curvish. Over the workout shenanigans. Why?
 Because there’s always going to be something new to discover.
 Because 90% of people a screwing up @ all things ‘food’. In regards to results.?
To conclude
We created 4 epic S-curve blueprint tips at the end of 2018. Most of which, highlighted the best, from all of the on-going tips that went out 3-5 years prior, via the email newsletters.
Most of these tips prove to be useless to you, in regards to getting results. Since no one takes action on thm, until they become paying members. Because of course… That’s when they value them.
Which is why we stopped posting them.
So today… Everything that is publicly written or recorded. Is done so. To start you on YOUR journey within the S-curve Xperience. And to then move you along accordingly.
Just like these motivational videos…
And just like our newest and most popular supplement/nutrition page.

Done… Reply in the comments below @ trying to get these lighted up, like they once were.

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