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The video is up ^^^.
We first highlighted this… In the May 8th newsletter.
Which as you can now see… Was done with the Youtube channel @theasianboss featuring @shauntls (ME) @little_grasper, amongst others.
The video came to existence. Because of our ‘meet 1-5 people daily’ shenanigans.
I of course agreed to be in the video. Because it’s simply fun to create videos like these.
If your job can include this some how. Create videos.
You’ll see how much fun it can be. Especially when you start stumbling into the out takes :).
The other reason I decided to do it. Is because YOU guys and gals get to see that you can indeed continue to eat food like this @ you don’t have to quit it. Or anything that you enjoy eating/doing.
And as you’ll see… Amongst a sea of savage YouTube comments.
Some folks confirmed that my opinions were indeed genuine.
My opinions are that way… Because I… Along with other S-curve world folk. Are living this S-curve Xperience daily.
We eat A-C rated foods for our main meals.
We follow that… With a cheat snack. Which is a small amount of any food you like the taste of. Which is usually fruit or D-F rated foods. Like the ice cream you saw me eat in the video.
And on Friday’s… As long as we’re 60% S-curvish…  We can enjoy fast foods, D-F rated foods like the above.
Anyway… It’s a Sunday newsletter. So I’m not going to kill you with a lot of content consumption on this day.
As usual. Reply below in the comments. Or hit the blue button on the bottom right corner to chat.
@yaganmoore Eating whatever the fudge she wants @ life after 60% S-curvish

@yaganmoore Eating whatever the fudge she wants @ life after 60% S-curvish



OOTN-curvish moments @priscillatrindadeofficial

OOTN-curvish moments @priscillatrindadeofficial

'Soft lean' bikini-curvish moments @erikayst

‘Soft lean’ bikini-curvish moments @erikayst

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