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Look back at it. You know… If you look at the back story over on More buzz. You’ll see that the @fitbuzz journey started in 2009.

The world has changed a lot since then. And the world had changed a lot, up until that point too… From 2004-ish.

That… Is when my real journey got started. Which all happened in e-commerce.

But back then… A lot of people around me… Couldn’t see the future potential of the internet. But I was there… Digging in. Reaping in (what we would now consider) early rewards.

And it wasn’t until 2016 and especially 2018. That those same people who I was around. Started kicking themselves. That they didn’t get involved in something (Internet related), earlier.

The new young generation, will know nothing of this. Since they’ve grown up in an internet only world.

But a conclusion message to you

– In regards to becoming S-curvish
– In regards to TC2.0 trips.

Get involved with these things early. Especially becoming S-curvish. Because some things… When left too late. Can’t be reversed… When things in life start to age/decline.

I have to highlight this. Because the social media era in 2018. Has a lot of people posting their daily lives and thoughts.

And it’s clear to me… That they need a fix. Even past FitBuzzers, who didn’t become members.

Or even ‘very long ago’ members. Who fell off again. Years later (Not a bad thing… It happens. And we of course created a fix for that, back in 2016).


In the past 2 weeks… We’ve introduced 2 new variations of putting the S-curve formula to good use

#1 The S-curve Interval Phase
#2 Just fix my #boutine (yesterday)

And today… I’m going to tell you, what type of person should be on each…

The S-curve Interval Phase

This is for you… If you’ve been following on here for a year or more.Why?

Because you understand our message and brand the best. And you trust us the most.

And… You understand what it means to go long term. Because you’ve now seen examples of what that looks like, from past members (Most people fail after the first month… Of officially starting something).

Just fix my #boutine 

Fixing your routine is mandatory. And having the body/butt is important too (Members tell me it makes life easier, having that in place). One reason why this is becoming a ‘thing’. Is because a lot of 2013’s young members. Are becoming career professionals now.

Once that kicks in… Your life structure must be right… In order to balance everything that you have

going on.

I myself have been guinea pigging this process for the past 2-3 years.

Anyway… This is…

– For the past members who have fallen off (Or didn’t start in the first place).
– For newer followers… Or those who want to test the waters for the first time. Because it’s been set up at $50 a week.

Which means… You could get started for $50. And if you don’t want to continue right now. You could just stop. And restart again, at a later date.

Why this is important?

Because not everyone is ready to start today. Starting… Requires getting ready to start.

It’s like those people I constantly meet, who try to sell me a property, on the spot.

The offer might be super great. Just… ”I’m not in that mind space right now, oh good sales person”. And yes… YOU might be more qualified to start. Since you’ve put yourself on this newsletter.

But still… Every single person who starts a formula, like what we’ve created… Takes time to start.

So… Bookmark this newsletter.



Not everyone likes monthly payments. So today… I give you this new variation of putting the S-curve formula to good use…

– > S-curve my ass in one big payment @ $500.

– Will last for 5-6 months. But your member page will stay LIVE, forever (Like > this one… Which was created in August 2016… Which she still uses).
– Unlimited EVERYTHING!
– No price change @ Lifestyle or Results Phase.
This means you are ‘sorted’ for the two most important parts of the year @ starting this today…

#1 Fall season prep.
#2 Start of the new year prep.

What’s trending in S-curve world today?

Weird… But it’s almost exactly the same as yesterday…- > Upgraded biotin

– > Tulum

– > Becoming S-curvish for OOTN attire

Blueprint tips 

FB stories > Messenger


#1 Message first, reply second (FB Messenger/Tumblr/Instagram)
#2 > More buzz is where everything exists.
FB messenger app: Facebook.com/ShaunTLSinclair
Instagram DM’s: @fitbuzz @shauntls

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