London Bridge is falling down

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Buzzers… Sunday…
It’s been a weekend full of ‘recovery’ for me. And quite a few of you having been messaging me about it via the FB stories. Ha. So ya… Stay active in there. I’ll always respond.
Onwards with the day…

Most good formulas

That exist in the world… Work.

The reason why it’ll work for some and not for others. Is because people are just different from one another.

Which means, that people are approaching those formulas, differently. Especially over a period of time.

And that’s the problem that we step in and solve. When it comes to fixing your #boutine (Butt + Routine = #Boutine).

It’s pretty serious. And it takes some strong communication sessions. To start getting you to consistently

do the right thing, over time.

– Because you are awake for 17 hours.
– You workout for 1 of those hours (Or less).

But it’s all the other stuff that goes on in your daily life, that affects your mindset, body and tailored S-curve formula.

That’s why 121 coaching ranks as the no.1 thing that fixes you.

But… Just like sex…

Sometimes… You need to be forced into the mood to do it. And that’s why you always see…

FB stories > Messenger

At the end of most newsletters.

Because the more you interact… The more engaged you are. The more likely you’ll get into the S-curve zone. The S-curve experience.

Your motivations drive everything. Which comes from the things you interact and engage with.

And this is why 121 coaching ranks as number 1. So get in there! Not just for the physical/mental fix. But for the other things within the S-curve experience too @ > Morebuzz.

Example @ motivation 

There’s a few I could use @ examples… From past members. But I’ll use just one.

S-curve members who were in great paying (The cost to become a long term member was a non-issue whatsoever)… Yet boring professions.

Example: accountant/accounting 

I’ve seem this a few times now. But these folks would become S-curvish. And then take Travel-curvish to the extreme @ many trips.

Because for years… They were stuck behind 4 walls. Or just simply became very boring people.

So… A break out occurred. So if something is bothering you right now. Let the breakout happen. Don’t  hold back on ‘what’s meant to be’.

What’s trending in S-curve world today?

– Tulum is trending via @fitbuzz social. But if you can’t visit (Yet). You can at least play with the > fake version.

– S-curve workout moments, whilst > London Bridge is falling down.

– > Food shopping to feed the monster.


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