Living life on the ledge (It has ended)

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Buzzers… Final Friday of 2017…

Tomorrow will be the final ‘official’ newsletter of this year. So I’ll probably do a year review of 2017 on Sat.

But today…

Living life on the ledge

On Tuesday… I introduced you all to > ‘Buzzcoin’… That will probably evolve into something cool.

And I said that I have ideas, at the end of that page.

With the speed at which tech evolves, it’s hard to say ‘exactly’ what that evolution will look like. But all of what’s going on there, will play a part in how things work here in S-curve world. And in many other parts of your lives too. Even if you don’t realise it yet.

Hence… The reason why I introduced you to it now, rather than later (When there may be less ‘usefulness’… I’ll explain that over time too).

But one way that we can start using the concept of blockchain. Is…

**As a digital ledger for stages 1-4 via More buzz (Yup)**

Whose tech will be used, is hard to tell at this stage.

But by putting YOUR stage 1-4 into a digital ledger… We can then solidify your success points throughout the S-curve progress process.

It would then make it very easy to see the S-curve formula in action…The way that it can be seen here behind the scenes, as it’s given to you as you progress.

There’ll most likely be an app for whoever’s tech is used. Which means it fits right into our formula @ the only thing you need is a smart phone or tablet to start as an official member.

And that’s just the ‘becoming S-curvish’ part of the S-curve experience.

The other parts of the S-curve experience

That’s where the other areas of ‘usefulness’ come into play. As we cover many different aspects of life on


Those too will be affected by whatever happens with blockchain tech (Yup… I’m in that geek zone, like when I created your S-curve nutrition calculator back in 2011. Which we still use today).

It will grow for sure. And however it grows… Will be reflected throughout the S-curve experience.

Which is why the Buzzcoin page has been put up. So that you can get a grip on things as early as possible.

And for YOU to see the different areas that are being tapped into (You’ll get guidance on this, as stated on the page… Just reply or message as usual).

And of course… You get a kick start on stage one, for free (kinda).


You’re probably feeling > like this right now.

So I’ll end it there. And like they say in my home country in the UK…

”Get in there son…” @ Buzzcoin shenanigans

Even though I’m personally very global (Even had some mistake my accent as Australian. Ha @ S-curve member Drea from California).


#1 Message first, reply second.
#2 > More buzz is where everything exists.
#3 Check out > Buzzcoin (As there is a lot of potential for interesting things to happen there, within the
coming months/years).

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