Lets Talk: What Have You Been Doing In Your Workouts?

March 19, 2014 by  
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March is on it’s last legs Stayfitbuggers and the summer months are not far away. You will without a doubt be preparing your bodies for those sizziling months so that you can show off those radiator abs, bulging biceps and newly developed big butts! And rightly so!

Personally I’ve been focusing on shoulders, triceps and legs. My shoulders just happen to be one of my bodies strong points, so I have to maintain that (Remember the tailor-made clothes post?). It helps me maintain my super hero look (Or the look I’m trying to get back). And I haven’t been blessed with great legs and a big butt so I have to work twice as hard to build up my legs.

But what have you been working on? What exercises have you been performing? Are any of the exercises picked up from stayfitbug.com? Are you really preparing your bodies for the upcoming summer heat?

I’m going to continue with the fun and intensity as normal, but let me know,

What have you been doing in your workouts?

See you in the comments

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