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Buzzers… Tuesday…

– > Shredded ‘soft lean’ abs
– #savetheboobs

This was almost the entire focus in 2017.

And it’s not easily achieved, without a solid approach.

So let’s talk about that today. Because Rhojan (> This lady from last Wednesday) had her in person trial session with me yesterday.

She already looks pretty good, by most peoples standards @ #Scurvegoals. And Like most… She listens and takes action. Once they figure out what it is that we do here.

The first thing she did, without even telling me. Was to stop eating fruit or D-F rated foods before bed time. And it’s important for her. Because again… Body wise, she’s got it pretty good. It’s just let down by belly fat.

She wants smaller arms too. But let’s focus on the above for today.

#1 The first thing you have to understand, is that there is a progression to all exercises. And not all exercises are effective or body part specific.

The first exercise I showed her, was the generic variation of the bicycles exercise (Which like most… She already knew about). Just to test her stamina… With one set until failure.

That way… I can see what level you’re at. And so that you can’t BS me, about what level you’re at :).

Then… We move onto leg raise bicycles.

Almost everyone ends up doing less reps on this exercise. Wiped out… With a ‘I can feel the progression difficulty’ smile on their face.

The purpose of this, is to make you feel what strength and exercise progression is.

That way… You know that it’s not some BS words being thrown around for the sake of it. It’s a real thing.

#2 Body part specific

It’s pretty hard to spot lose fat. But you can spot build with muscle. So expect any fat lost, to eventually shred.

Also… You’ll only usually shred or build… On the body parts that you purposely hit. We know this is true. Otherwise you wouldn’t see guys walking around with chicken leg syndrome.


The purpose of focusing on this… Is to reduce the level of boob shrinkage.

– Hanging half leg raises with a chin up grip (Increased tension)

– All angle laying leg raises

– Laying 90 degree leg kicks

Those are all medium level exercises. And we make tweaks to them, to increase the difficulty as you progress.

But doing those will target your lower abs and hips, more so than your upper ab area (Which is where boob shrinkage starts to occur).

Do that, consistently, without fail… And you will start to have ‘soft lean’ shredded abs, with natural boobs to


Of course…

People fail at doing this… Because they’re not following the S-curve formula as a whole.

They’re taking bits of information here and there. And applying it inconsistently. Usually due to a lack of focus and distractions from life.

This is the #1 reason to become an S-curve member… When results are the goal. Tailoring + Coaching  + Past experience @ getting results… Is what you’ll need in your corner to easily win @ this stuff.

It all starts at the > new stage 1.

What about food?

– No fruit or D-F rated foods before you sleep.

– Go A-rated (Especially in the beginning) and use fruit as your cheat snacks, in the morning/day time.

– Always eat until you feel content.

– Hit 50 grams or less, of all fat intake daily. Just get addicted to reading food labels.

It gets more advanced than that after the noticeable results stage (4-8 weeks). But that will be enough at this stage @ what to do with food.


Turn up and be a student. That’s how you succeed. Especially when working with solid businesses or individuals.

They’ve clearly got the formula. So just follow it. You’ll win.

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