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Buzzers… Tuesday…

Yesterday… I talked about balancing your ‘life’ struggles. And the #1 thing that will help solve your issues in regards to what was listed there. Is the daily 121 coaching chats.

Take note. That’s where we make ‘love’ happen.

Also… Yesterday… I talked about the original S-curve physique formula calculator.

Wanna know why it got cancelled @ available for you to use?Because it’s too much extra stuff to learn, for those who are serious and have a ‘life’ @ all the things I mentioned yesterday.

I’m living the S-curve experience too. And what I want from it… Is to have things simplified and done for me. Now, more than ever before. I don’t have time to be learning new stuff (Bring on new experiences all day long though :D).

We all want our lives to be made better and more efficient. Again… Using today’s tech to help with that.

That’s why I created the short splits routine this year.

– It maintains and boosts results
– Gives you an energy boost, instead of making you feel wiped out

– They’re only 15-20 mins long

You walk into the gym. See folks in there. Walk out before them. And then start to look better than them. Especially if they’re slow-go cardio treadmill junkies.

The treadmill really is not a ‘high end results’ tool (The bike is though).

It’s just one of those pieces of equipment, that became protocol in ‘fitness’. In the eyes of the masses.

But as many have found out over time. You can live on that thing for years and see zero change. If it’s a physical shred you’re after.

That’s what happened to this young girls mother (The one in the middle).

In such a way… That she turned into a 100% non-believer @ anything that can change your body and life. So she didn’t end up starting because of that.

I was drifting… Back on topic…– Short splits routine
– Tailored LIVE updates
– The S-curve formula physique calculator given to you, instead of doing it yourself

That’s what it’s all about. Making you feel at ease to start… Never to feel like you have an extra weight on your shoulders to look forward to, once you start.

All ‘chill’. And a continued focus on that 65% non-workout and nutrition stuff.

FitBuzzers/Newsletter readers (YOU) are starting to ‘get it’, year after year. I know this to be the case, as they used to be very hostile when talking to them at first.

Because they were used to people constantly selling to them.

Which is very annoying.

Even last night. When I was out in the city. And a random dude starting selling me a condo on the spot.


Then he got angry that I didn’t take him up on his viewing offer.

I’ve already said to a lot of folks, that all of this is like dating. No high quality person is going to rush in with you straight away. Build some damn bridges.

I did give the guy the @fitbuzz Instagram. Which acts as the business card today @ love it. As it’s a direct intro into the S-curve experience.

But what he should have done. Is asked me some basic questions that would allow him to know me

better (You know… Like when you’re on a date – Or before you became ‘taken’).

I know his results suck. Otherwise…

#1 He wouldn’t be out in the street (Would be busy with his new dates)
#2 He would have got ME to view

ConclusionIf you’re in a situation where someone/thing wants you to ‘join’.

Always ask yourself.

Where is the love?

Because if they’re not making you feel that. Then that’s not where you should be.

Now add below and > Morebuzz, so that I can show you what that feels like :P.


FB messenger app: Facebook.com/ShaunTLSinclair
Skype: chamileon857
Instagram DM’s: @fitbuzz @shauntls

One other thing. It’s crazy how many peoples heads are stuck in their phones, when in public places. Even couples, who are sitting at the same table! All ages too.


So ya…Travel-curvish 2.0 to the rescue @ getting you out of that rut, when in the city.

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