Let’s K.I.S.S

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Hello Fitbugers
Ok, kissing is nice. And we do want to kiss. But it’s not the normal kind that you’re thinking. The type of kissing we’re talking about is…
(K)eep (I)t (S)hort and (S)imple
Now, video’s such as…
This one <=== 
Aren’t ‘that’ short. However, that is because it’s supposed to be info packed so that you can discover the truth about what real dieting is about. (Or whatever the videos goal is).
Now this… is what we mean by K.I.S.S-ing
Here <=== READ ON HERE
To all our successes
Shaun and Team Fit Bug
We’re going to K.I.S.S some muscle building next. So stay tuned.
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