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We continued that food list that we started on > this newsletter. Which highlights foods that were
uncommonly high in one of the following….
– High in mono/poly fat
– High in carbs
– High in protein
– Low in saturated fat
– High in fiber
The foods from ‘that’ list are great for meal variety, vitamins, minerals and consuming different fiber
types and aminos, if the protein ‘numbers’ are high @ 10 + aminos present.

But > yesterday, we mentioned foods that had very high stats, in the type that they’re supposed

to be high in.

That means… That you can eat meals containing those foods. Which can lead to eating less meals

a day. Since you’ll be hitting your total daily intake quicker.

Note: You’ll ‘feel’ how much is enough food to eat, at 0-60% S-curvish. And you’ll gauge it more

precisely at 60-100% S-curvish.


That would mean… That those would turn into super S-curve meal structure meals. Since we focus

on eating a high protein, carb or fat meal (Breakfast is the only time that we eat all 3).

So let’s start a list then… With foods that are super high, in the trait that they’re supposed to be high

in…. And low in everything else.

Barley = High in slow digesting carbs and low in everything else.

Millet = High in slow digesting carbs and low in everything else.
Durum = High in slow digesting carbs and low in everything else.
Hemp seeds = This is here, because…
– It’s a perfect food source for high fat and protein.
– Because it’s easy to hit specific fat amounts, due to the size of the seeds. Which is ideal for
breakfast or lunch…. Like adding to cereals or leafy green salads.
Apricot, raisins, peaches and prunes = Super high in spikey fast digesting carbs (For breakfast
and pre/post workout).
Skyr yoghurt = High in protein and low in everything else.

Tuna = It always has been super high in protein and low in almost everything else.

Just remember… We don’t have a list of every single food in existence. And we don’t know all of the

foods that exist in every culture/country.

But we have created the formula. And from there… You can keep on adding a list of foods to YOUR

S-curve meal structure, as you parade planet Earth.

And in terms of this specific list… You’ll be looking for food sources that score even higher,

in terms of the gram amounts of protein, carbs (And spikey), fats.

Hey Shaun… This is all good and great. But I want to see some done-for-you

S-curve meals with all of these super S-curve meals/High in other nutrients

Well… There’s a lot of them, once you get your live update member page. But a lot of members

make their own meals.

Which tends to happen, as it’s more natural. So you might find yourself using the done-for-you meals

for idea inspiration. Since you’ll know how to prepare S-curve meals.

But if you do ever want more done-for-you meals in that area, as a stage 3/4 member… Then just

shout. It’ll get done.

Continually done too… Since nutrition shenanigans after 90-100% S-curvish is endless.

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