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Buzzers… TGIF…

It’s a busy week this one… As is this entire fall season run, on here. So I am indeed going to be active on most of the upcoming weekends, with YOU.

So for me… It’ll be more weekends like the previous one. So if TC2.0 does happen. It’ll definitely be more relaxed.

And if you’re added to ME on FB. Then it’ll be another Jazzy music weekend :). As you may have seen @ a couple of my past weekends.

About that headline above…

So…. You’re living life in the city (Because we all work… Right).


It doesn’t matter where you are. Once you start to embrace the experience as a whole. It’s then all about enjoying every moment (Which is roof top bars/cafés sometimes).

It’s not about being in the city and wishing you was somewhere else. We find beauty in every situation. TC2.0 and all of that.

That is partly what is meant by living your current lifestyle in an improved way.

Fall season chatter has lead to…

We have the > 41 days left/4 teeth lost fall season special going on right now. Which is basically a super saiyan (Yes… Still a dragon Ball Z fan @ will watch cartoons forever) Stage 2 trial.

And of course… Is designed to put you through the all the stages.

I’ve been working with some new ‘startees’ this week. So I get to see new things come up. So let’s talk about the stages for a sec.

Can you succeed just on stage one?

it’s designed to give you an initial ‘self serve’ formula.

You can succeed physically and mentally if…

– You have no lifestyle that needs fixing.
– You know how do strength and exercise progression properly.
– You know how to balance ‘going hard’ vs taking it easy.
– You’re good at be consistently accountable for the long term.
– You are not so ‘busy’. Because you WILL need outside help if you are.
– You already have good genetics (You really need to do ‘specific’ work if you don’t have… #nojoke).

– You’re a super pro with nutrition shenanigans and know how to switch it up to keep seeing continued results (Usually when you hit that point where results are harder to come by aka the grind stage).
Stage 3

Takes care of all of that and some… Of course.

Stage 4

Is where most of the members that you can see on the results pages/FB albums… Are right now. Who were on stage 3 at some point.

So… Ya. You’re making life way easier by eventually putting some stage 3 in your life.

The new official food lists

There are 6 lists in total at present.

And each one has a solid purpose, for different situations in the lifestyle, over the long term.

But the list you’ll get and the one we’ll focus on the most in the first 1-2 months… Is the A-C rated food list. Which we’ve been using for the past 3-4 years.

It’s Friday. So head over to my profile below to see one of my fave cheat snacks.

As usual… Add below (First). Reply (Second). And > More buzz for daily updates.


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