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I mean…’basics’. Or do I? Anyway…

Buzzers… TBT…

So… It’s been quite a beastly week on this newsletter (And outside of it).

First we had the bookmark worthy > Sun/Mon newsletters. And then the S-curve member shenanigans kicked into gear @ Kasandra.

That’s been the vibe on here in the past few weeks.

This stuff is happening… LIVE and in the moment. And it’s the 121 chats (Not coaching), that inspires the iterations to the existing stages that you can see on More buzz.

And as you’ve seen… That led to the introduction of the > Spring season Results Phase. And yesterday’s

 > Spring season Stage 2.

Again… They exist, because there are new or returning members on those as we speak.

But today… It’s time to change up the flow and feed you with some…

TBT reminder blueprint tips

Because doing so… Is a part of the S-curve formula (Remember what I said yesterday about forgetting the formula and only remembering the ingredients?)

So let’s get into it…

#1 Eating ‘out’ S-curvishly after ‘results’
– Pineapple boat with rice inside + various meat choppings (Thailand)
– Tacos + dip
– Chicken adobo (Phillippines)
– Special or chicken fried rice (Chinese)That list is truly endless @ some faves of my own.

We typically start to embrace this stuff more, when you’ve reached at least 60% S-curvish. And to definitely be embraced on Travel-curvish 2.0 trips.

Which can be seen via the shenanigans album on my own profile and via the @fitbuzz Pinterest feed via More buzz.

We don’t do much with recipes here. Just a focus on the ingredients, that fit into YOUR S-curve meal structure.

So when eating out at restaurants… It’s…

A) Eye up the restaurants food menu
B) Subconsciously eye up the A-F rated foods in the meals listed (Your brain would be trained for this by

C) Order… Based on how you feel
D) Try something new… And take the meal ideas home with you :DThe foods above, are just from my own experiences.

#2 > This super market video

Like I said… We don’t focus on recipes too much. Because you’ll usually eat what you want.

What we do… Is focus on the meal structure and ingredients.

That way… You can easily identify the food types. Buy the right food types. And then eat them at the right times.

99% of people screw up the nutrition part of becoming S-curvish though. Especially over the long term (A now solidified process @ stages 1-4). So expect that topic to be the bulk of the 121 coaching chats.

#3 Have you found some food types that contain a super nutrient set up… But, end up not liking the

taste of?

Then blend it into a shake.

The S-curve meal structure (Via More buzz top links) rules still apply though. So watch ALL of the ingredients that you add @ we don’t screw this up.

I focused on nutrition… Because this is the area that you need the most help with. And it’s alway the area that we spend the most time on… Regardless of which iteration you become a member through.
There’s a lot more that is covered during your time as a member. So ya… Today’s newsletter is all about getting you ready for that (And read Sunday’s newsletter again!).


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