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Buzzers… > Moanday

Becoming S-curvish… 

Ya ya… We know that’s what we do on here. It’s the first thing that you’ll probably do, if you enter S-curve world.

But it’s all about living better. And to stay looking young as you do it, as the years pass.

For that to happen… You simply need to ‘live’. And be a part of the of all activities @ The S-curve experience.

Once you become S-curvish. ‘That’ activity, might be the gym.

But as you’ll know yourself… You have a life outside of the gym. And there’s a good chance that you’re a part of the crowd, that doesn’t even like the gym that much (Which is kinda why the ‘anywhere workouts’ came into existence… Other than being very convenient).


– TC2.0 (Hiking, camping, bikini-ing, > ‘coming up for air’)
– Nights out (On the beach @ big fave, roof top bars, restaurants).

You’ll die a lot less sooner. And be sick, a whole lot less… If you simply be a part of the S-curve experience.

Falling off the wagon, is of course an issue. But that’s one of the reasons why we do what we do on here.

So that, that happens a lot less too.

Let’s S-curve blueprint tip…#1

 Make it a habit to add new foods to your shopping list/Try new foods on the menu when eating out.


– Because the long term fun… Exists in the ‘eating’.
– You’ll have a more varied nutrient intake… Which = Boosted results @ naturally occurring (Seriously though…).

#2 It’s already summer now. So if you didn’t become an S-curve member towards the start of 2018…

Or if you didn’t start to ‘take action’, as the newsletter told you to do so…

And if you still look like a s*** version of yourself…?

Then… The area of your body that you NEED to focus on, is your abs, sides and back.


Because you probably have fat that sits there (More than you would like). And it’s the area of the body, where fat takes the longest to shift. Even when using all the magic tricks that the S-curve formula has to offer.

#3 Remember… If you’re losing @ any area of the S-curve experience. It’s because of a lack of action taking.

This isn’t always your fault.

But if it’s happening. Then you need to become an S-curve member. So that you can start experiencing the 121 coaching chats.

The only way THAT can fail you… Is if you turn off your phone and laptop for weeks at a time. Which will probably never happen, in this current hi-tech era.


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