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And then take off….


The seasons are about to change. For many, that means an end to the official

summer bikini season (Let the tears roll).

When that happens, the 30 day S-curve challenge ‘trial program’ changes too,

so that it sets you up for the things that affect you during fall season.

So today we have…

> The 30 Day Fall Season S-curve Challenge

The new =

– 90 day action plan (Just incase you don’t upgrade to the official program. 

About 90% do though…).

– Tailored nutrition plan – We usually leave this out until month 3-4 (Optional… 

Added so that you can read up on yourself if you ‘eventually’ transition to the 

official 6 month program).


Some new things have been added to the now…

> Official Fall Season S-curve Challenge (6 months on bronze/silver/gold)

– Of course… Name/Theme changed here too.

– Tumblr coaching chat sessions.

– FB messenger coaching calls.

– The new strength progression guide (Butt growth that you can gauge… 


– Inital 90 day action plan with selfie analysis.


I’m doing this months monthly recap early this week, over in Morebuzz.


So that you can look for the BEST buttletters from this month (There’s a lot).

Those will be VERY useful to you whilst you’re on an S-curve program.

Got questions… Reeeeplyyy!

Now let’s destroy last years hall of fame results.


Happy Monday.



Today’s > ‘Morebuzz’


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