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Spinal stenosis is a common issue that many individuals face, especially after the age of 60 when degenerative conditions of the spine begin to occur. Treatment of such conditions like degenerative disc disease and osteoarthritis degenerative conditions can be done via Cox Therapy. The Cox Therapy Effect provides spinal strengthening which can help with the pain associated with degenerative conditions.

Individuals who suffer from such conditions will have pain in the lower back and legs, with difficulty walking or standing. Sitting is usually the only way the individual can find comfort. Currently, there is no cure for spinal stenosis but Cox Therapy can be beneficial. This is a non-surgical option and has been well researched with physical therapists in Jersey City seeing results.


Goals of Cox Therapy

This therapy type is used to reach several goals when it comes to a diagnosis of spinal stenosis. One goal is to safely restore normal flexibility to the spine. The treatment will provide more space within the spinal canal which can be affected due to spinal stenosis. The hips and upper back can become more flexible as the spine is strengthened into a position that will create more space in the spinal canal and other areas.

The therapy takes place on a treatment table that was specially engineered to pull and stretch the spine. The patient will lay face down on the table and the lower section of the table can be moved to stretch the spine. The table will be pulled down and away in such a motion that will help to stretch the spine. The spine is lengthened and the vertebrae are moved away from each other.

With each motion, space is provided in between the spinal joints and this takes pressure off the nerve roots and spinal cord. When the spine stretches, the doctor can focus the therapy on affected areas of the spine. Hand contact is used to provide pressure in particular areas as the table is moved away.

The stretching technique, known as decompression, will be a push and pull action and done so in short time segments. The process is repeated so that the spine receives the best stretch for maximum results. The chiropractor or physical therapist will then provide additional instructions as to what you need to do when you get home, such as exercises or stretches. You want to stay aligned and help to focus the treatment for better pain management.

The overall goal is to use the decompression therapy along with exercise and stretching at home to increase hip and upper back flexibility which puts less pressure on the lower back. The spine is strengthened into a position that creates more space for the spine in general.

Trying this therapy type can be a great option when surgery or pain meds are not an option or something that you are not interested in trying. This is a more natural option that can provide results over a short period of time. Schedule this therapy type today to see how decompression therapy can be of benefit to yo

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