Key Places Around The World That Would Test Your Fitness

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Whether you’re looking to clear your head, reduce your stress level, or just lose weight, going to different places around the world just to test yourself can bring a lot of rewards. In fact, these days, it seems everyone is going outside, and spending less time staying indoors. You may be looking into going somewhere you’d be able to walk for hours or climb peaks you’ve never reached before. You may have browsed through different brochures or searched online, but with so many choices, you still can’t decide where to go next. You’re in luck, we’ve listed some of the key places around the world that would test your fitness.


1. Torres del Paine Circuit, Chile


Distance: 83.6859 kilometers loop

Location: Torres del Paine Circuit is located 312 kilometers north from Punta Arenas and 112 kilometers north from Puerto Natales.

Why you should go: If you want to experience the feeling of being away from the world’s noise and pollution, then you should probably hike this trail. You’d also get to see the stone monoliths of Torres, the Cuernos, and their natural cathedral you can find in the French Valley.

What it does to your fitness: The trail can accommodate even beginner hikers. However, you’d need to be prepared to sweat a bit, since you’ll experience high-altitude hikes at 4,000 feet at some point. You’d also go through heavy exercises and cycling depending on the trek you take.


2. Appalachian Trail, USA

 Distance: 3,500 kilometers

Location: The trail extends between in Mount Katahdin in Maine and Springer Mountain in Georgia. It passes through Georgia, North Carolina, Virginia, Tennessee, Maryland, West Virginia. New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Vermont, and Maine.

Why you should go: This trail is named to be the longest hiking-only footpath in the world. You’ll experience a sense of freedom, beauty, and simplicity. And since it passes through a lot of states, you’ll be able to see different views that you’d only see in postcards.

What it does to your fitness: The tallest peak of this trail is 6,643 feet. It has ascents and descents, which can be compared to 16 climbs of Mount Everest. Completing the whole trail would require you to take about 5 million footsteps. Walking he Appalachian Trail will help your cardiovascular system and reduce your risk of getting heart disease.


3. West Coast Trail, Vancouver Island, BC, Canada


Distance: 75 kilometers 

Location: Southwestern edge of Vancouver in Canada

Why you should go: If you want to experience comfortable camping in the very center of the West Coast Trail in Pacific Rim National Park, this destination is for you. You’ll be able to enjoy a stunning coastal experience while supporting eco-friendly tourism initiatives, encountering wildlife, and contributing to sustaining the employment of the community.

What it does to your fitness: This trail may not be as challenging as others. However, it can still prove to be challenging at the variety of its terrain. The good thing about this is that hiking through it will help reduce stress, depression, and lower your blood pressure.


4. The Inca Trail, Peru


Distance: 4.2 kilometers above sea level

Location: It’s a trail located in Peru that terminates at Machu Picchu.

Why you should go: If you want to disappear into the cloud forest, cross ridges and valleys, and explore archaeological sites while testing how fit you are, then hike this trail. Plus, when you’ll be able to climb Huayna Picchu, you’ll see a view that can only be seen in photos—all while immersing in the sound of the Urubamba River.

What it does to your fitness: This is considered to be a tough trek. There’s a dangerous trail, which is past the mythical city. It’s called the “Hike of Death.” Plus, the clouds and mist along the journey will make it more difficult.


5. Te Araroa Trail, New Zealand

Distance: 2999.817 kilometers

Location: Along Cape Reinga to Bluff, New Zealand’s two main islands.

Why you should go: You’ll get to see diverse landscapes and experience coastal sand, jungle bushwhacks, and alpine ridges. The trail is split into 160 tracks and might take you five months to finish. However, it’s worth your time since you’ll see an active volcano, bays, river valleys, and a mysterious forest.

What it does to your fitness: The trail has changing sections, and can prove to be challenging. You’ll have to be prepared to have a reasonable level of fitness since it would you require you to hike long distances and cross rivers. Plus, walking on the beach needs more effort than walking on a flat and hard surface.

Going to different places can be quite an adventure. Getting to see and experiencing the world’s vast and treasured landscapes can entirely be breathtaking and exhilarating for your fitness. Although these places are open to everyone, they’re not a walk in the park. However, every breath that you’d take while going to these areas would make the view worth it.


 Jessica Wilson 

Jessica is a professional health expert who works for some major health industry giants. She currently writes for Membersown and is dedicated to helping people learn more about health related topics along the journey. When she’s not a health advocate, she enjoys some down time traveling or talking with family.

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