Keeping your butt alive…

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FitBuzzers… Monday…

August is officially over and fall season is here.

We’ll get to the headline in a sec. But first…

The new stuff that’s been added to the S-curve Challenge.

> A new (1 week) action plan every week

Yup… It’s super simple. Yet… This will keep you accountable and STUCK on

the fitwagon.

Keeping your but alive…

Image focus…

That is… The focus is always on improving how your butt ‘looks’.

But we forget that eating S-curvishly actually makes you live a longer life.

You already know that your muscles start fading at age 18 (See yesterday’s


So if you’re looking for the right time to start/restart, then ‘waiting’ isn’t an

option if you want your good looking butt ‘alive’.

So ya… Living S-curvishly will save your a55.

Don’t let your work kill you/come first…

I’ve personally experienced most of what you see here on the daily

buttletter, first hand.

But this issue right here… Was a BIG one for me back in 2007-09.

> Lost too much muscle weight

> Confidence nearly destroyed (Appearance issues… Although I hid it pretty


> Mojo just… Gone…

That will NOT happen again. And I will not let that happen to you.

Also… You can’t let that happen to you once you start getting into your

30+ years.

Again… Doing so could kill your a**.

Sooo… If there’s any issues going on in your life that’s preventing you from

becoming S-curvish… Put them aside and start.

Because you have friends, family and close associates that NEED and

want to see you live.

Happy Monday.


Today’s > ‘Morebuzz’

> 30 Day Fall Season S-curve Challenge

> Official Fall Season S-curve Challenge

(6 months on bronze/silver/gold)

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