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The headline… To see yourself ‘S-curvish’ in a backless/hug-tastic dress.

We both know that’s you’re goal. And there’s plenty examples of it via @fitbuzz social profiles.

So… Just a little reminder of what we’re working towards here :D.

+ We have new #OOTD buttgress pics via S-curve member Monica. Just head over to the hall

of fame via ‘Morebuzz’ to see them @ proud!

There’s also a throwback ‘upper butt’ buttgress pic via social highlights @ ‘Morebuzz’, since

the upper butt is usually the area that makes all the difference @ results.

New and current…

The 30 day challenge has some new updates, to ensure that your first month is a ‘best’ month,

which then sets you up for even better future months.

The future months is when you decide to continue on with your plan, which is what the

bronzebutt, silverbutt and goldbutt plans are for (Below… After the newsletter stuff).

#1 New ‘day one’ questions added (Makes your plan YOUR plan, a little more).

#2 Tailored nutrition plan, brief walk through (It gets left out on purpose as mandatory

in the beginning).

It’s just that it’s important if you’re coming into this as an intermediate/advanced trainee.

#3 3 month ‘testing’ action plan.

Testing… Because we typically work month by month. Each new month is based on the 

previous months results/events.

Mandatory S-curve tips/rules to kick start your week…

– Eat a complete protein food @ every meal (Whey is the easiest to consume on the move).

– Not on a tailored plan? Start your workouts with an exercise that you struggle with… Start 

your workouts by targeting the body parts you want to focus on the most.

– Selfie, selfie-belfie and belfie-selfie once a month (You MUST!).

– The S-curve meal structure… Follow this without fail!

Reply to talk… Or with what’s on your mind.

Happy Monday.



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