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Buzzers… Day after hump day…

Yup… We have indeed entered the season when people go ‘apparel’ crazy. Or just crazy in general
@ shopping + gifts.

That headline above is indeed about > this tee. And of course… Hump day related.

But in relation to S-curve world. That’s how most ‘new’ newsletter readers should be… The moment

they see stages 1-4 via More buzz.

And I recently decided to keep stage 1 in place for that reason @ not getting rid of it, like I said I ‘might’.

Because you need to feel right about what you’re doing when you first start something new.

Which leads me to…

You’re scared of auto-payments?

I already know you are. Because ‘in general’…

– You’re busy and you might forget that you set it up.
– You don’t want one extra payment to think about.

But on the flip side to that, in regards to how WE do them today (Unlike 3-4 years a ago)…

– It’s impossible to forget, because everything is LIVE. And 121 communication happens at least every

few days.
– ”I need to have this auto-payment in place, so that we can just focus on working the formula” – How 
you’ll feel

”And because the S-curve experience as a whole, is actually making my life easier in a few areas”.

Yup… I’ve been working with you all for far too long, to not know what goes on in your mind at

any given time :).

Back to being scared of auto-payments

For some members… Manual invoices work best, every 4 weeks.

And I’ll usually send out invoices with funky descriptions. Kinda like these newsletter subject lines.

So yea… We definitely have fun with it. Just like in every other area of the S-curve experience.

Blueprint tips based on yesterday’s social posts

#1 Meatless S-curve meals

> This is one that was posted yesterday.

It’s been long known that you can have a protein, carb and fat meal with no meat present. As you can get

some proteins from veggie foods.

You’ll see exactly how you can do this, in the new official foods list that we launched this year, on LIVE

update member pages.

I use that every week. As a lot of it was created organically, via real life S-curve experience shenanigans.

You’ll really enjoy that as a new member.

But if you’re like > Angie. Whose been around since 2012-13 and is still active in the community. Then…

Stage 4 via More buzz is best for you. As it’ll give you current day updates, such as that new official foods

#2 You don’t have to ‘grow so hard’


– We can shrink your waist to make your butt appear bigger

– We can keep your thighs small, whist growing your middle/lower butt (Which are the easiest parts of your

butt to grow).

Aka… Illusion of the booty. Which is what we first talked about, way back when we created the original No

Nonsense Butt Building ebook (Now videos).

Which is still one of the 10-15 routines that you’ll use at some point, during your 12-18 month journey to

60-100% S-curvish.
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