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Buzzers… Wednesday…

Just fix my boutine. If you missed the first boutine newsletter. It means butt + routine.

A daily life routine, that is an improved version of your current lifestyle… Whilst fixing your butt (And other body parts) at the same time.

I don’t guinea pig the new stuff on myself too much, that enters S-curve world, these days (Members do that). But I have been with the daily boutine.

It’s the #1 reason why l look the way I currently do. And why my mind is in a constant positive state.

I know it’s true… Because…

– People highlight my physique when they see me. First time or recurring (And know my daily boutine).

– They send people my way… Who have a similar frame to mine. But are currently out of shape. Usually due to their lifestyle (Which they know).

– People always approach… They always have done. But more so… Due to my spirit being more ‘free’. Because I’m living this S-curve experience to the max. How can I not be a shining example of the outcome that it creates.

It’s not just me either. This happens to everyone that gets put through the S-curve formula.

If the timing is right. I’ll record some more members again, LIVE. At some point (Like in 2016)

She also said it won’t fit all the way inside…

The biggest misconception that people have about getting your boutine fixed. Is that…– The fitness side of things, will take up too much time.

Seriously… When I’m having face to face convos with people. They assume that the process of getting their boutine fixed. Will make their life worse.

And it will… If they set out to do it on their own. With a lack of knowledge and experience.

But they also look at me… Knowing that they desperately need a fix.

– Working too much
– Needs some TC2.0 in their life

The main thing that holds people back. Is to find someone, or something. To trust. Someone who will jump in and actually fix what’s wrong. And not waste their time.

That’s why everything in S-curve world exists.

So that when you add or follow. You can see and feel everything that we do. And I see the result of that,

constantly. Every single year.

People will not know sh*t on day one. But by day 30-90… They are long time fans. People like Iris and Monica have been here for 5+ years now (See hall of fame via Morebuzz).

They’re not on monthly payments 24/7/365. And I’d not want them to be either. That’s a horrible S-curve experience.

But they are usually involved with something… That exists within it.

– A high end supplement
– Trying out an Amazon product from ‘What’s trending’
– Inside the chats, talking about the TC2.0 locations they’ve been bucket listing

Sometimes… For people to start getting fixed. They need to hear the right message in their ears.

And since Saturday’s boutine newsletter… There’s been an increase in response rates, by about 35%

If you’re a part of that ‘increase’. And like the sound of it… And the fixes that it’s been throwing out. Then.. This is for you…

> Just fix my boutine <

Super flexible… @ pause/restart payments whenever you want.

Forget about anything else. Whatever has been done to fix the boutine of others that have come before you.

That’s what I’ll do with you too. OKzee…

What’s trending in S-curve world today? 

– > ‘Beginner level’ drones

– Because > Tulum

– > Becoming S-curvish for OOTN attire

Blueprint tips

See yesterday’s newsletter. And as usual… FB stories > Messenger.


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