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First…. A little reminder via > Sundays newsletter.

Now let’s get into some ‘reminder’ actionable S-curve blueprint tips, as promised in yesterday’s newsletter.

Note: Remember… All info that appears here… Comes as a solution to what was discussed in the 121

chats the day before.

The total list of things that could be shown to you below, is endless.

That’s not useful for anyone. So just use the on-going blueprint tips as stuff to keep in your mind, as you live this lifestyle.

The absolutely best thing that you can do, is to start on > stage 3. To really solve your problems.

#1 D-F rated foods aren’t totally useless. Just use them as your cheat snacks. If that was an A-rated apple.

Then D-F rated would be apple pie (D) with condensed milk as a dip (F).

#2 Your weakest looking body part…

Start your workouts with an advanced isolation exercise for 4-6 weeks. And do that exercise on all of your ‘off days’ too.

Example: Calves = Heavy 3 step calf raises… Pushing it to max reps via drop sets. Where you fail at the heavy weight, drop the weight further and continue to push reps until you’re wiped out!

#3 Make sure you take 7-10 days off from your workouts, every 2-3 months. Your body needs to experience that full recovery.

Make sure you eat > 100% S-curvishly during that time. At which point, you’ll see your body change to 90-100% S-curvish.

Yes… Being constantly active in your workouts, means that you’re usually looking your 70-80% S-curvish best, at any given time.

Test it.

Take a selfie before you take the next 7-10 day break.

#4 A happier network…

– Becoming S-curvish = Great
– Living S-curvishly = Great

But the biggest win from doing all of this… Is the impact that it has on the people around you. People WILL take notice.

And you’ll just learn a ton of stuff about the people around you too. Positive and negative. Some negatives are only highlighted by your positive outcome.


– People who really wasn’t on your supporting team. Who were happy for the ‘fat you’, to stay the ‘fat you’.

Because you can’t possibly look and feel more S-curvish than them (60-70% S-curvish people do that. Not those who are at 90-100%).

But overall… This is the best part of a positive S-curvish outcome.

S-curve members

Most of us are in results phases right now. So I’ll see you in the 121 chats.

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