It’s time to start ‘Braining’ out!

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Well… That’s already been happening (Circa 2013). Just… It’s started to become more obvious to the masses.
But more on this in a moment.

‘Braining’ out

We recently > featured company that helps you find a therapist that will work well with YOU.
And in that feature… We highlighted the fact that part of our job, and most important. Has been to fix your mental game.
To get you thinking in the right direction.
That’s why 121 coaching chats have become no.1 in our world, in terms of creating solutions for you. Regardless of the goal (Physical, mental).
And why last weeks > ‘Skin in the game’program got launched.
Another step of course… Is to get a therapist (Or any other entity that has your back)… In your corner.
All of the above, is why we started to add > this supplement type to our arsenal.
Because just like with food… Supplements boost the results that you can achieve.
– Boost effectiveness
– Speedier
Like I said at the start of this post. All of the above isn’t anything new.
Because for years… We’ve been saying ‘it’s more than just the butt’. During the years where we focused entirely on helping women build an S-curve.
Bikini-curvish moments in Nova Scotia @hafiiamira
Bikini-curvish moments in Nova Scotia (Canada) @hafiiamira
But just like withe the new (public) focus on nutrition over workouts. The world is starting to catch on, that the fix to any physical problems you have. Starts with fixing your brain.
So… With that being said. Once you start your 121 chat sessions with us. Be sure to buy and try the nootropic supplement(s).
Either option.
> Mindlab Pro
Mindlab pro

Mindlab pro

> Hunter Focus
Hunter focus

Hunter focus

Genius Consciousness – Nootropic Supplement

Genius Consciousness – Nootropic Supplement

And the best way to test the results. Is by embracing sports and activities outside of working out. Before and after consumption.
#Paintball for 'Come up for air' NON S-curve #workout shenanigans @rosaiiriisss
#Paintball for ‘Come up for air’ NON S-curve #workout shenanigans @rosaiiriisss

Mini updates

The items list
Unless you follow on our social media channels. You won’t always see the interesting items that we stumble upon, that work well within S-curve world.
However… We do add them to the items lists that we created this year
The onesie
… Is a current fave. Namely with this design.
#Satisfying those #hungry #babies...
#Satisfying those #hungry #babies…
Talking of designs. We’ve started a relaunch campaign of the old favorites. Like this one…
Riding around on your motorbike @ Travel-curvish 2.0 shenanigans  Folks just need to move their slow cars outta the way...
Riding around on your motorbike @ Travel-curvish 2.0 shenanigans Folks just need to move their slow cars outta the way…
And with new ones like the one above. Along with some designs that are inspired by current day S-curve world slang/jargon. Like this one…
Eat fudge
Eat whatever the fudge you want
‘Skin in the game’ daily 121 coaching chats 2019
The messages are coming in…
We feel even better today, helping all of you. Simply because of our experiences helping S-curve members over the years.
Here’s the reply that we sent to Miss M.
Miss M… To protect her privacy. And to only be revealed, if she ever wants to go public. Which is the same rule for all of you too.
September is a super time to get going. Going by the > S-curve formula timeline.

So > don’t wait up!

'Skin in the game' 121 coaching chats 2019
‘Skin in the game’ 121 coaching chats 2019

To conclude

As usual. You can reply to these posts, using Messenger. Or by commenting below.
It’s old new that we are an S-curve platform now. With a focus on the following areas…
> An S-curve World Update For Fall Season 2019 .
So don’t wait up. Get yourself involved!
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