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Yup… This is happening across many parts of the S-curve Xperience.
– With those of you who want to be posted on our profiles, pages.
– With those of you who want more exposure to your business.
– With those of you who become S-curve members 
– With those of you become S-curve member partners (Usually ex or current members… Explained here @ why that is…).
And why this is happening?
Because we’ve all seen, first hand. How more impactful this is, on ALL of our lives. When we focus on partnering up and building long lasting relationships.
– We learn more about different aspects of life.
– We learn more about others cultures and countries.
– We learn more about other industries.
– We learn more about how other businesses operate.
– And most importantly… We get to learn what’s really on everyone’s minds.
Because people only truly open up about their REAL thoughts and feelings. With people they feel that they trust, or are close enough to.
We’ve been at this for an entire decade this July.
And almost since day 1. We have said…
Our goal… Is not to put you on 1 month plans. Our goal… Is to change your life. Over 1-5-10 or even 15 years!
And it’s been happening!
Living the S-curve Xperience @vitoriagomes
Living the S-curve Xperience @vitoriagomes
A lot of our core people. Are still active and present, from 5-7 years ago.
The reason why… Is because we’ve been in the trenches with them.
They’ve helped mold @fitbuzz over time. They’ve been a part of the journey.
It’s like those people you study with at university. You tend to stay close with them. For years after you inevitably end your studies. Because everyone was on a level playing field.
Life is dynamic. And these days. The internet has sped things up.
(Which is partly a reason why we have seen a lot of people doing a social media detox. And/or switching to messaging apps only.)
And it’s not realistic for everyone that’s involved here… To be ‘forever present’.
People have lives to live.
In fact… Not being forever present, is an S-curve Xperience requirement.
@ this…
It’s all about living your best life, in your best body, with your fave people.
Everything that you stumble upon here. Will help with that.
So… When you become an S-curve member (For example).
You’re not required to stay active, after 1-3 months.
You’re expected to get results @ 60-100% S-curvish. And then live it up. Usually by taking TC2.0 trips.
So yes… Today. Unlike 2014. You’ll be active.
But in different parts of the S-curve Xperience.
We too are living it.
Out daily. Meeting new and current people.
– Working out from anywhere 
– Working from anywhere 
This will continue. So that everyone that is involved here. Is united. Directly or indirectly. Since everyone is located globally.

To conclude 

Now you can see why we have become an S-curve platform.
A place that all of us stand. And benefit from, in great and unforeseen ways.
The best Xperience FTW… 

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