It’s time for you and your butt to split up

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Buzzers… Sunday…

It’s probably the busiest weekend of the year for me this year. So I am indeed following the S-curve formula rules and ‘coming up for air’, once or twice a day. It’s a must… For the constant moments of clarity.

– Reading a book or listening to audio books
– Meditation

– Massages

For me… It’s about heading to a roof top pool area and looking over the city. It’s one the most calmest places

you can be @ looking down at the busy bodies down below @ stress free.
Jumping out of a plane will be the next best thing (Soon…Soon… Ha).

Onwards to today….

The game has indeed changed in S-curve world over time. Today… It’s all about being LIVE and in the


– Newsletter content is live
– Membership pages are live
– 121 coaching chats are live

– And now… Program creation is LIVE!

Enter: Tweak Weeks S-curve Split Routines

Which basically means, that there are no official launches any more. At least in S-curve world.


Well… Over the past 5+ years… > You’ve watched ‘live’, of what going long term really means. We’ve had

to lead by example. It’s only right. It’s not like you would take us seriously if everyone here was an over
weight physical and mental train wreck.

Would you? (I hope not). You would… From someone that’s walked the walk.

Anyway… Being live, in the moment and going long term. Means that we create solutions, based on the problems that actually come up. Usually on a daily basis.

In regards to this current program. The tweak weeks will always be created, as time goes on. Because

it’s what actually happens, every single week @ monthly bronze/gold S-curve members.

We’ve come up with 5 official solid tweak weeks since we went live with > these members (There’s more

@ unofficial).

And we know that the problems they solve are real. Because those problems came up several times with

several members at that time. And continue to today.

Finding out what those were, was possible, because of the high end results phase that you get put through.

Especially during your first 1-3 months.

So the more results phases that happen, the more problems we can solve. Which is a win/win for everyone

that becomes a newsletter reader or member.

The next tweek week that gets created, will probably address the problem that we highlighted in

> yesterdays newsletter. You know… The shrinking of a naturally fat butt, into a shred-curvish butt.
To then rebuild as a ‘soft lean’ (Better than ever before) S-curvish butt.


There’ll be a lot more things happening with this, as the days and weeks pass. But hopefully, I’ve opened up

your eyes, in regards to how and why certain things come about.

Becoming S-curvish is all one big ‘life’ fix now @ the solid 6-18 month/1-5 year process.

And best of all… All of these members (And the current ones you can’t see yet.. Soon, soon) are the ‘proof’.

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