It’s over… Taking a fudging break from all this…

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Buzzers… Weekend day #1…

The weekend is a time for you to embrace nutrition focused only moments (No workouts). And to take Travel-curvish 2.0 trips. Which is the most exciting part of the S-curve experience.

Which I now see so many doing @ FitBuzzers from all around the world that I speak with 121… Online and face to face.

It’s also a time when you’re likely to read this newsletter ‘less’. And catch up on it again, towards Sunday


With that being said. Let’s highlight everything that’s going on in S-curve world. A reminder day. Kinda like

how we do reminder blueprint tips.
Let’s go…

The S-curve member podcast

More will come. But I see no value @ letting you hear the ‘exact’ same story from different people. We’re

already on the path to saving time and making better use of your time.

So listening in for 30-60 minutes, to hear exactly the same thing = No-no. So the approach I’m currently

leading with… Is for you to hear a diverse set of stories.

These will be an ongoing part of this newsletter.

Blueprint tips

– Actionable tips to do on the day/week.
– Reminder tips
– S-curve lifestyle tips

Those are the usual types you’ll see, whenever they appear in this newsletter.

Travel-curvish 2.0

What I said above. And it’s good seeing your pictures go up from the trips that you’re taking. So if you have

me added on Facebook (Link at the end of every newsletter). Then tag ME in those photos.

Because ultimately… Our universal goal, is to motivate and inspire everyone who is added on my


And like I said yesterday. The future of this, might be some kind of special membership program. As I have

seen it being done by a fellow FitBuzzer, in the past few months (See @fitbuzz Instagram feed). But we’ll see.

S-curve bodyweight circuit 3.0

It’s the final official routine that’s coming this year (Advanced exercise variations for members who are 60%

S-curvish and above).

The only other one created this year, was the tweak week modules. Which is what everyone will use at some

Tis the S-curve experience…

The ‘Becoming S-curvish’ part of it, is always evolving. But at present… We have nailed the formula @ getting results.

Which you have watched us build together, over a number of years.

But as you would have also seen… Is that ‘Becoming S-curvish’ is just the beginning part of it all. Brand new

people can’t see or understand that fact. But you, as newsletter reader… Can.

@ the next steps =

Become S-curvish > For OOTD/OOTN/Bikini-curvish attire > Improved daily lifestyle > Travel-curvish 2.0 trips

S-curve member stories

That’ll continue on as normal.

The official S-curve member food lists

Is now in place on LIVE update member pages.

You only need to update your member page once a year via > stage 4, as an inactive member, for it to appear on your page (And for other continuous updates).

These lists allow you to fully understand and embrace the lifestyle @ food. Which is of course, where everyone screws up.

But not any more!
Add below (First). Reply (Second). And > More buzz for daily updates.


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