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Today… A question that crosses an S-curve members mind…

What to do after 6 months on the Official S-curve Challenge (Bronze, silver or gold)?


Time frames + goal setting

This is a topic that I covered waaaay back in time (Reply and I’ll send you the post).

In short… We set these time frames so that you actually achieve the set goal.

– 30 days

– 3 months

– 6 months

You’ll notice that successful members from the hall of fame achieved a set goal within

those time  frames.

Which is of course the reason why time frames exist. It works!

After 6 months?

Well… Business as usual mostly. Ya just start a new payment plan. That’s it.

Today… A 30 day plan to build an epic butt/tiny waist (If you

struggle to gain mass).


Do the following as a workout 3 x a week.


Hands raised mountain climbers with ankle weights (Till failure).


Standing donkey kick backs.


Weighted pull ups (Go assisted if you need to).


Squat (Machine) > Calf raise all angles.


Front and lateral raises.


– Increase your total daily intake by 300 calories… Or just eat a little more of the

same foods @ every meal (See S-curve meal structure on ‘Morebuzz’).

– Eat whey, casein (together) and fish oil before you go to bed, every night.

– Eat nuts for your day time snacks (Food label should read high in mono/poly fats).

Done… Reply to chat.


Today’s > ‘Morebuzz’

S-curve Bikini Challenge Official Plans

30 Day Epic Butt/Tiny Waist Bikini Season Challenge


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