It’s official… Women rule the world

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The Travel-curvish world that is…

Buzzers… Humpday (Mid week meaning)…

I’m still geeking out from this past weekends events. Events… That flowed well into this week.

And it won’t stop any time soon. Since the World Cup is about to start. Even Facebook has joined in on all the festivities @ the profile pic.

But even with all this stuff going on… S-curve world continues to ramp up, in all departments. One of those departments is the offline shenanigans. And I meet new people, almost every single day, due to the set up of my current location.

Which is an ever growing hub, within a business district. With new condos going up all over the place.

And just like last year… I naturally got speaking with a lot of women. Since YOU are still the main focus on here.

And yesterday’s training session re-confirmed that women rule, when it comes to all things Travel-curvish.

It was with 2 ‘final year of school’ girls.

It’s fun watching them. Because I get to see the fun and happiness of ‘youth’. Which tends to turn into negativity and bitterness as people get older (Becoming S-curvish helps reverse that though…).

‘They’ don’t need to become S-curvish. They’re not even completely developed yet (Although close to it). They were simply having fun with dance routines. And as usual… Following videos on a mobile device.

Working out, only becomes a ‘thing’ at that age if…

– You are overweight (Sometimes the parents fault)
– A young guy whose hormones haven’t kicked into gear yet (Mine kicked in at age 14… Even had to take antibiotics x 2, to control the spots on my face) @ still looks like a very early teen.

But as we got talking… It was evident that they were already well travelled, at age 16. Confirmed by her Instagram account.

And… That they were > fans of TC2.0. They embrace it to the max. Which is a great thing to see.

And they’ll do it better than the current adult generation because…

– Every new generation has it better than the last.

– They have less responsibilities and more opportunities to earn on their own @ today’s tech.

So as the younger generation continues to make there way into S-curve world. Be prepared to be newly inspired.

Which has already happened. With the young generation that started to push through. Around 2012-13.

It’ll keep you on your toes for sure.


All of the above… Is the reason why YOU need to start living S-curvishly. Because your kids will follow what you do for the first two decades of their life.
So if you aren’t already embracing this wonderful ‘experience’ that we have going on here. Then hurry up and ‘get in there’!


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