It’s more than just the butt

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Buzzers… Friday…

– Improved physical energy
– Better sleep
– Less colds and illnesses
– Improved spiritual energy
– Better skin
– Better nails
– Better hair

Better every-thing!

That’s what happens when you start embracing the S-curve meal structure. Which we enhanced last year by creating the official foods list module (I fudging love this thing and use it daily myself).

All of this coincides with S-curve experience as a whole.

– Restaurant foods and what to look for

– Cheat snack shenanigans

– Taking super TC2.0 pics

All of it!

We start… @ understanding ‘ingredients’

Which means… Turning the reading of food labels, into a habit. Like in this > food shopping trip video.

Which of course, starts at learning the A-F food rating system. Which so many people still lack knowledge on (Which is why we have broken people).

A = Apple
F = Apple pie

You’ll want A-C rated, as that’s how you’ll get varied nutrients. And to prevent your meals from being tasteless.

Note: One way to go A-rated, without being tasteless, is by adding super foods like Maca, to a shake. Then you can’t taste it at all. Do the same with supplement powders on oats

Continuing on…

Once you start looking at every food, with A-F rated in mind. You can rank it easily, when looking at a food label.

If 80% of your food shopping list/foods in your home, falls under A-C rated. Then you’re good to go.

Once you start doing this. You’ll find that you’ll start to have better looking skin, feel better, have more energy and of course, look better physically.

Combine this with a solid tailored workout plan via 121 coaching + LIVE update member page. And you are winning. Big time.

We even do this with supplements @ ingredients focused.

Like… Take a look at the > instant knockout page. It’s focused on ingredients. So you’ll know for sure what’s entering your guts.

New supplements and foods will always be added. But only when there’s a solid purpose to doing so.

Which is why we haven’t added many supplements in the past year, to the More buzz page.


You can get most of what you need from natural food sources. Which is why we’ve focused so heavily on perfecting the S-curve meal structure and official foods list module.

There are of course, some vitamins that can aid a boost. But we’ll only usually mention this within any one tailored plan. Since everyone comes with a different set of issues.


Most people forget, that ‘food’ is what keeps us alive. And that the food we eat, is what turns into the new cells inside of our bodies.

That’s why you are what you eat (Cliche pun intended).

So if you look or feel like s*** (From illness too). Then you can usually fix that issue with food.

See… I did tell you it’s more than just the butt.

All of this… Is the reason why nutrition ends up as the most active topic in the 121 chats from > stages 2-4.

Most of folks are getting this wrong. So if you’re going to become member. Let today’s newsletter be a motivator for doing so. Because what you’ll learn, will serve you for years to come!


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#2 > More buzz is where everything exists.
#3 Check out > Buzzcoin (As there is a lot of potential for interesting things to happen there, within
the coming months/years).

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