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It’s another ‘in the city’ S-curve lifestyle day to day. Which is how most of our days will be, throughout the

majority of the year.

Which is not as awesome as living by a beach. But it’s more of a ‘different’ experience. Not one that is necessarily less than…

You’ll see both via the pics on the > shenanigans photo/video album. Take a look. Because it’s all about

the ‘visuals’ in today’s world @ getting the message across.

Before becoming an official member

First… There’s two scenarios that happen…

#1 You’re a newsletter reader for 6 months to 5 years… And one day, you just decide to start. No replying to talk or anything. > This page > Paypal > You was more than ready.

#2 You reply to talk… But it takes you many months of ‘chatting’… 121, before you actually decide to start. The reasons why, will vary. But… That’s what happens.

And today… I’m going to walk you through what MUST happen. Once you do start and become an official member.

Note: The best tip I can give you, if you’re in this position… Is to become a student. And KEEP the student

mindset. Keep the ‘pride’… At bay.

Which might be the reason why you got stuck in a rut in the first place. And… Which might be the reason why you have several ‘regretful’ life situations under your belt @ past life shenanigans.

Introducing… Life after your foundation month


Motivation levels WILL start to die at some point after your first 4-8 weeks.

All that stuff that we do in the first month with 121 coaching and LIVE member page updates…

That’s what’s making you succeed.

But that success will slow down, or even stop… If the S-curve formula shenanigans go away (Everything that we do in the results/lifestyle phases). So you’ll need to stay active via a lifestyle or results phase after your first month.

Because, although you feel good and are seeing ‘noticeable’ results. It’s still just the beginning.

The journey… That takes you to the place where I know you want to win… Will be a 6 months + time period.

And ‘daily life’ distractions will be the #1 thing that’ll have made you waste your time in your foundation month, if the complete S-curve formula isn’t followed through with.

It’s less of an issue today. Because after 3-5 years… Today’s FitBuzzers ‘get it’. They get what the ‘now’ S-curve experience is all about.

I’ve personally been doing it for the past 3-4 years. So I know exactly what the fudge (Our ‘F’ word again)

S-curve members are feeling, when doing this. The ups, downs, all of it.

The switch

You’re succeeding @ the physical/mental goals that we set in your first month?

Good… I would have applauded you for succeeding too.


One of the reasons why you got into a bad situation in the first place. Is because you got into a

‘stuck in the rut’ life routine. You did the same s*** day in day out.

It happens. You’re living life as a busy adult.

So… around weeks 4-5, is when we start switch things up. To outpace the rate at which your body and mind adapts to change.

This rarely gets done. In all aspects of life.

But we get it done here (In all aspects of life). And it’s why S-curve members succeed.

#1 We switch to a new routine (There’s about 15 official routines now. With S-curve bodyweight circuit 3.0

coming. The current 1.0 + 2.0 was created in 2015. So this is for the grind stage and for advanced member).

#2 We get more precise with S-curve nutrition. We start tracking grams/calories and intake more closely.

We move on from the ‘eating until you feel content’ stage.

#3 We start preparing you for S-curve strength and exercise progression.

This gets ignored 100% of the time, if you don’t have extra help. So we start you on it and get it done. It’s the ONLY way that you’ll get to progress to 90-100% S-curvish.

Which goes back to why we change things up every 4-6 weeks. Because you definitely need that changing mindset, in order to get through that.

It’s a formula… Aka The S-curve formula!
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